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FOOD FIGHT Challenge! – Celebrating World Read Aloud Day March 5th with Onomatopoeia

3 Mar


In celebration of World Read Aloud Day on March 5th, I’m taking part in fellow 12×12′er Marcie Colleen’s Food Fight Challenge.

Visit Marcie’s blog here for all the info: 

The Competition Rules
1. Create a post in which you start a story.
2. The story should have a clear setting and at least one clear character.
3. Set the scene. Be creative. It can be anywhere.
4. Write the story up to the moment when a food fight breaks out. And then stop.

You can add to my story below until March 7th (midnight):
1. Read the posted story and all of the comments that precede you.
2. Post your comment.
3. Be sure to build on and further the existing story. Your comment should flow.
4. The story should read as if it was written by one person when read from beginning to end.
5. ALSO, your comment needs to include at least one word of onomatopoeia and one thrown item of food.

NB:  Your onomatopoeia must be a word that has not been used already in that story.

Without further ado…

Image- TV Tropes

Image- TV Tropes


“Clean the fridge,” Mom said in a huff.

“Get rid of all the nasty stuff!”

“Fuzzy, moldy, stinky or green,

throw it all out. Make it all clean.”


Lou and Sam grabbed for their noses.

The interior smelt nothing like roses.

As they dug deeper and deeper,

nary a food was deemed a keeper.


Refuse was piled high to throw out.

Sport then burst in and let out a shout,

“I’m starving! What’s this? Some good eats!”

He thought the waste was delectable treats.


The kids snatched up plates and played keep away.

Sport wouldn’t get sick on their watch today.

But Sport thought he was being had.

Kept from a meal, he soon grew mad.


“Sport, you shouldn’t eat this on a dare!”

Just then a glob WHIZZED through the air.

Tossed towards Lou, but missed by a trace,

that’s when…

Image- Brotique dot blogspot dot com

Image- Brotique dot blogspot dot com

Now it’s your turn to grow this food fight rhyme in the comments section below. Have fun with it! (I can’t comment during the contest to make it easy for folks to follow the story, but I give advance thanks now for your participation and/or spreading the word.):0)

If you wish, please visit and comment on all the contest participants’ stories here.

Download free Onomatopeoia reference book.

Month of Poetry – Laughter – #Kids #Poem – #MoP14

30 Jan



Funny, ha ha,

Tee hee hee,

Take a break to laugh with me.


Bwahaha, chuckle, chuckle,

Laugh so hard,

Your knees could buckle.


Yuk, yuk, yuk, guffaw, guffaw,

Laughter’s good,

So giggle more!


How quick a cure,

A laugh can be,

It only takes a minute of glee!

Month of Poetry – Emptiness – #Haiku – #MoP14

24 Jan

Fellow author, Munazza Bangash commented on the blog yesterday with a link to a weekly Article and Poetry Contest she is running on her blog, Desirable Purity.

The prompt for the poetry contest is – Emptiness. Here’s my entry…

Image- Latino Link Views

Image- Latino Link Views

Sands pour − vacant hopes

Measuring meaningless times

Of a soul drained dry

Image- Shelleyn

Image- Shelleyn

This sounds like something I might have written as an angst-ridden teenager, and was very tough to do when I’m so far from feeling what I’ve written above…Thank Goodness. ;0)

Month of Poetry – Hesitant Migration – #Haiku – #MoP14

23 Jan Image- Bubblews
Image- Bubblews

Image- Bubblews

Hesitant Migration 

Went south for winter

Flourished in balmy climates –

Time to turn around



Balmy climates…I bet we’ve all got warmth on our minds right about now!

Month of Poetry – On Calm Pond – #Haiku – #MoP14

22 Jan Image- Okeanos Group
Image- Okeanos Group

Image- Okeanos Group



Bright green lily pads

Serenely float on calm pond 

A sleepy frog rests

1-22-2014-resting frog


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