Paperback Launch of SEA CUTTER- A Middle Grade Nautical Adventure

1 Nov

Hi Folks,

Last week I announced the paperback launch of my friend, Tim Davis’, “SEA CUTTER- Book I: The Chronicles of Nathaniel Childe.” Tim and I became Twitter friends a while back, so I downloaded Sea Cutter to read. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on the paperback; isn’t the cover beautiful? (Pssst…scroll down and enter the giveaway for the author’s marked up copy!)

As a member of the Sea Cutter Paperback Launch Team, I thought to share my review here with you today, so grab your coffee and a comfy seat as this post is packed with fun links to introduce you to a rollicking nautical read. :0)

Here’s my Amazon 5-Star Review:

Thrilling Seafaring Adventure 

September 16, 2012-

I’m a complete sucker for nautical adventures. Give me sea captains, a capable but motley crew, swashbucklers, pirates and set me at sea on a mighty sailing ship back a couple of hundred years ago and I’m happy.

That’s where SEA CUTTER landed me and it did not disappoint. This is a book for middle grade readers; yet author Tim Davis did not dumb it down. Sure, the morals of honor and honesty come through loud and clear; however, the story tosses one on waves and crests, complete with villainous thugs, that will keep kids and adults alike eagerly sailing the story to its end.

The main character, Nathaniel `Nat’ Childe is a 13 year-old boy who does not believe that his sea captain father, gone 2 years, is dead. That belief is bolstered into real hope when his father’s best friend Wayland comes back from sea and delivers Nat a trunk addressed from his dad. The Captain’s trunk contains a secret map to an island of pearl treasures which speeds Nat and Wayland to embark on a spine-tingling adventure.

We find that Nat has the makings of becoming an honorable man in the fact that the teen learns to single-handedly run a business to support his widowed mother and himself by repairing intricate ship instruments. However, when in a quandary to rescue his father, Nat takes to lying to get his way and that comes with severe consequences that propel the reader through this story.

The only small sticking point is that some of Nat’s descriptions were not of the vocabulary I’d ascribe to a thirteen year old; nevertheless, the words Mr. Davis has written paint perfect pictures! I enjoyed reading SEA CUTTER and highly recommend it.

This is a terrific story for young readers, and where I hear many folks saying that it’s a great boy’s read, I think it’s good for anyone looking for an adventure story.

Read an Interview with Nat Childe


About Timothy Davis-

Timothy Davis enjoys writing historical adventures for ages 9-12. He taught Child. Lit. at MTSU & 3rd grade in the SF Bay area. He resides in Pacifica, CA.

Here’s a treat for stopping by!:

Read the first 4 chapters of SEA CUTTER FREE!

There’s no better feeling for a kid than to hold an adventure story in their hands. Why not have a copy of SEA CUTTER under the tree this year for your  middle grade boys and girls?

Paperback- $8.98 US Amazon UK Amazon          

eBook- $2.99 Amazon Smashwords Barnes & Noble Apple Kobo Sony

Enter a GIVEAWAY at This Kid Reviews Books!

By the way Erik, of This Kid Reviews Books, is a 10 year-old book reviewer that any parent or kid should be following to get reviews and recommendations on good children’s books to read.

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3 Responses to “Paperback Launch of SEA CUTTER- A Middle Grade Nautical Adventure”

  1. Kim Stapf November 1, 2012 at 7:44 am #

    Great post Donna! I always share post on my blog. I Have to figure out how to make a post like this. I really should try blogging. Tim is a wonderful person and his cover rocks. I think it shows what u might encounter in the book.

    • Donna L. Sadd November 1, 2012 at 7:52 am #

      Thanks Kim; I thought you had a review blog. If you made a free wordpress blog, you can actually ‘reblog’ anyone’s blog posts just by hitting a button at the top of the screen (comes after the ‘like’ button).

      If you haven’t read SEA CUTTER yet you should; it’s for kids at heart too! I loved it, as you can tell by the review. :0)


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