Join REVIMO Now!- January’s the Month to Revise Your Picture Book Manuscripts

16 Sep


Picture book writers, I wanted to bring your attention to Meg Miller’s, a fellow 12 x 12 Picture Book Challenge member, new challenge for January 2014. Her words follow exactly:


ReviMo – Revise More Picture Books Week

January 12-18, 2014

Got picture book drafts piled up collecting dust? Have critiques for your story, but haven’t done a darn thing to improve it? Maybe haven’t even read the critiques? Need a jump start to revise?

For 7 days, you will be encouraged to REVISE those picture book manuscripts. There will be blogs and vlogs encouraging you to take out that poopy first (second, third, fifteenth) draft and
breathe new life into it. Some days the revisions will flow, other days
you will struggle, but overall you will feel SO accomplished.

 I hope you will join us!

Each day you revise a story you can check-in for chances to win FABULOUS prizes!!

A picture book critique from the Simone Kaplan

Making Picture Book Magic Class with Susanna Leonard Hill

A chance to submit to Hummingbird Literary

A critique from Miranda Paul  (PB or first two chapters [up to 15 pages] of MG or YA)

Critique of a query letter from Miranda Paul

Signed book and swag from Ame Dyckman

A picture book critique from Margo Dill, Editor 911 (1000 word max.)More PRIZES To Be Announced

More info coming so check back!

Please join us if you can! :0)

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