READING FOR RENN – One Kid Trying to Help Another Battle Epilepsy

8 Oct

I want to share a very important post about one kid helping another and his family and ask for your help in sharing and supporting his mission. Big, huge thanks in advance! :0)

This Kid Reviews Books

I want you to meet my friend Renn.

rennRenn is 6 1/2 years old and has Epilepsy.

He is the son of Bethany Telles, author of “Waiting for James in a Sea of Pink,”. I have been following Renn’s battle with epilepsy on “The Brain of a Jedi” blog (Click HERE).

He gets seizures every day. They tried all kids of medications that didn’t work. Renn has had all kinds of tests and procedures done and they didn’t work.

 On October 28th the doctors are going to put some kind of grid in his brain to figure out what part of his brain is doing it and then they are going to take that part of his brain out. They may have to take a whole section out.

Renn Likes Star Wars. He’s A Jedi Master!

As if having part of your brain taken out at 6…

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One Response to “READING FOR RENN – One Kid Trying to Help Another Battle Epilepsy”

  1. thiskidreviewsbooks October 8, 2013 at 9:08 pm #

    Thank you SO MUCH Ms. Sadd! Renn’s mom emailed me and said she and her husband is in tears because they are so happy at all the people who care. Thank you for posting about it and for putting the button on! 😀

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