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Good Bye Summer. Thank You #Haiku. :0)

19 Aug

2014-07-11 16.21.27


Stone skipped wet kisses

Caught in waterfall’s embrace

 Plop drops slick long legs

Prompt #3 – 100 Days of Summer Writing Challenge

9 Jul

Posting summer stuff for y’all…you betcha I’m still kicking!

Now job hunting too; so I’m refreshing everything for prospective employers to read, contact me, and say fagetaboud biz; I’ll publish you instead. I can dream can’t I?

If any of my peeps come across these rare blog posts of late, PLEASE PUMP ME UP, so my future employer falls in love with me!

Have a wonderful summer. Love, Donna :0)

Donna L Sadd


I didn’t post yesterday because it regarded a work in progress, but I wanted to include it here for continuity…Nah, I just didn’t want y’all to think that I blew it off. :0)

[Prompt #2:     Think about a character (not the protagonist) central to the plot of your story.  Write a scene from his/her perspective.  How does the scene change?  How does the tone change?  Does this perspective shift allow you to explore the conflict from a surprising or more powerful perspective?]

Okay, off to Prompt #3…

Image - vmphotography.blogspot. com Image – vmphotography.blogspot.

Prompt #3: Write about a moment in your past that lives in infamy for you.

This isn’t terribly embarrassing now, but it was the day it happened that will make the experience live in infamy– My wedding day!

When my just-about-to-be-husband and I were up at the altar, and our pastor got to the exchanging of…

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#AprilPrompts – Day 17 – Searching – #NaPoWriMo #Children’s #Poem

22 Sep

Been gone too long, and thought to re-blog some old writings to stir up the creative juices. Hi y’all! :0)

Donna L Sadd



Every time I'm on the mound
My heart does a flutter.
Tuning out the crowd's loud sound.
My stomach's churning butter.

Focusing, I look around,
The players are all set.
Catcher's flashing signals out,
Don't like his choices yet.

One finger stands for fast balls.
Two fingers stand for curves.
Batter sneers, to fake me out.
I've got to steel my nerves.

Each ball hurled becomes a strike.
Their dugout starts to hiss.
Scoreboard charts each perfectpitch.
I sure do live for this!

Last batter's set and ready.
It's a swing and a miss.
Got that player out of there.
Pitchers dream of doing this!

I owned it, I pulled it off.
It was a perfect day.
I will always hit the mound,
In search of Special 'K'!

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Carlie M A Cullen – Day 17 – Searching (Taste of…

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Balloons – An Iambic Quatrain – #NaPoWriMo

8 Apr

Image- UFunk

Image- UFunk


Balloons adrift with me in tow.

Direction where? I do not know.

It’s fun to soar above the clouds,

away from noise and bustling crowds.

#AprilPrompts is Back! – Well, Sort of…#NaPoWriMo14

7 Apr

4-2013- APRILPROMPTS HASHTAG BUTTON Hiya, The second annual #AprilPrompts is back…well, without the prompts! I got side-tracked, knee-deep in courses, and didn’t properly organize #AprilPrompts2014 for National Poetry Month. I had been chomping at the bit for a course in rhyme and jumped at the chance of taking famed poet, Renee LaTulippe’s Inaugural Lyrical Language Lab. Of course, it had to be this month. Then, I also committed to Angie Karcher’s new RhyPiBoMo (Rhyming Picture Book Month), where when you check in, not only do you get a lesson in rhyme and poetry forms, there’s a bonus guest post by a distinguished author! Long story short…I’m writing at least one poem a day, so I figured why not post using prompts from elsewhere? Here’s my first attempt at a limerick:



There once was a boy from Manila,

who wanted his own pet gorilla.

His hut was too small,

for a mammal so tall.

So he settled on a chinchilla.


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