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Month of Poetry – Counting Claude – Children’s Poem

16 Jan

1-16-2014- numbers



Claude counted numbers one by one,

Always having lots of fun.

He finished numbers, started over,

Counting blooms of fresh new clover.


When he tired of counting clover,

He ran to count on his dog Rover.

Attempting to total the spots on his face,

When Rover split to give fast chase.


The cat fled, scrambling cute ‘lil kittens,

Wearing soft and fluffy mittens.

The couch held twenty-four gloved paws,

Claude counted while detaching claws.


When dinner came, Claude counted peas.

He gulped them down in sets of threes.

He flopped in bed, dropped in a heap,

Of course, Claude started counting sheep.

1-16-2014-kid sheep

Don’t ask. This one has driven me crazy!

Month of Poetry – What’s Over The Fence? – Children’s #Poem – #MoP14

10 Jan
Image- One4Pets

Image- One4Pets


“What’s over the fence, Flour?”

“Don’t think about that stuff, Fluff.”

“Tall and wide and really high,

Climbing’s much too tough.”


“Fly Boy might know the place.

He flies everywhere.”

“Why do you care so much,

About what’s over there?”


“I’ve just got to know.

Fly Boy, Fly Boy, CAW, CAW.

Please show up and tell us.

What is it that you saw?” 


“I heard you guys meowing,

Over two long blocks away.

What is it that you wanted?

What can I do for you today?”


“Tell us please, what’s over that fence?

We really want to know.”

“A kitten’s playground’s what I’d call it.

You really ought to go!”


“What’s it got, that’s so much fun,

For us two baby cats?

Toys, a ball, or could it be,

Some tempting, tasty rats?”


“Yes, but there is so much more,

Of which you’d both be fond.

The old lady is a sweetheart.

She’s even got a pond!”


“A pond fresh full of goldfish,

Swimming in the sun.

I’d get going right away.

You’d both have lots of fun!”


“Keep climbing, Fluff pushed Flour.”

“I’m trying, but I got a blister.”

Little did the kitts know,

They had teased old Fly Boy’s sister.


Once they bound over the fence.

They got a great surprise.

Fluff and Flour scampered,

When they met six canine eyes!

First Draft- Donna L Sadd, all rights reserved

Image- Attack of the Cute

Image- Attack of the Cute

Thanks for the prompt, Carlie. Keep ’em coming folks! :0)

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