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Month of Poetry – PLEASE COME – #Poem – #ASPCA

18 Jan
 1-18-2014- cold cat


Someone, can you hear me,

Cry inside this shed?

When they first took me home,

I had a fancy bed.


It was Christmas time and,

To the pet store people came.

They hugged and cuddled me,

I even got a name!


But the holidays snuffed out.

Then the kids began to pout,

“Who’s gonna feed him?”

“Who’s gonna let him out?”


“I’m too little.” “I’m in a rush.”

“Figure it out,” Dad said.

When no one even bothered,

I wound up in this shed.


Someone, please pick me up,

And find a family,

Who’ll take the time, make a pledge,

Of responsibility.


Sure, it seems like fun,

Finding a pet under the tree.

But, some don’t take good care.

Please, come and rescue me!

Image - Sey Suomen

Image – Sey Suomen

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