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The Getting to Know Me Post #2- Frank, A Love of My Life but the Feeling’s Not Mutual

2 Mar

Oh boy, over the past 2 days, this post has practically written itself. It’s all about Frank, our Quaker parrot. Frank’s been part of the family for longer than I’ve been married. We adopted him from my hubby’s boss and thought at the time that a woman, probably the boss’s wife, abused him in some way. Boy was he ornery but he bonded with my hubby right away. (I’ve got to give  my husband a nick name- I call him my ‘Handsome Cowboy’ to his face, so that’s what I’ll call him here.) Anyway, getting back to Frank, I love Frank but Frank hates me; he always has. Let me change that, I don’t think that he hates me I just don’t think that he trusts me. That’s why I believe he was mistreated by a woman. I kiss his tiny tush in Macy’s window daily but, after 19 years, he still wants a piece of me!

Okay, so I’m cleaning the kitchen floor the other day and I rolled Frank’s cage out of the way.

Moments later I turn around and Frank’s in Sally’s (she’s another story) turtle tank taking a bath!

Sally just sat there; she didn’t move; she didn’t spook (first weird thing), and Frank splashed around like a nut job (second weird thing). Then he casually climbed back on his cage and chirped soft, contented tweets while I slaved away.

Granted, it’s not unusual to walk into the kitchen to find Frank toddling across the floor to bathe in the dog fountain but the turtle tank? Now that’s a new one! Oh, that’s Zeetz the cat. When we adopted him as a kitten we thought he was a girl and named him Zita, meaning ‘little girl’ in Italian. He then sprung ‘corleones’ and became Zeetz. Thank goodness Zeetz was a nickname he had since she was little!

Fast forward later this week to American Idol- The Girls. Frank’s favorite people food is pasta and pizza; he’s a paisan after my own heart and he loves to watch TV with the Handsome Cowboy. Get a load of this- ‘Crust-Fisted Frank’ watching Idol! (Yep, those are vintage 50s TV trays-don’t ask.)

I admit to having an “assortment of other wacky critters” on my Amazon Author Page, so this and several more of my posts should prove it. It is not normal around here and that is just the way I like it!

Why not give LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE a read to learn about other wacky loves of my life, and please share this post with folks whose kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews might get a kick reading about lovable wacky pets.

Thanks for stopping by and bearing with me while I cut my teeth.- Donna

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