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#NaPoWriMo – DAY 28 – IN THE WOODS

28 Apr


Crunch crack sounds warning

Hidden creatures sigh relief

Snow is in the woods


Children’s Poem – Throne

DAY 30- WINNING- #BlogFlash2012

30 Aug


So how does one know they’ve ‘won’ exactly? The dictionary states ‘winning’ as to have taken a territory or in gaining a large amount of money. I’ve done neither. 

Is winning having raised a fabulous family? I couldn’t have children, yet I helped raise two young brothers to fine fellows, and babied and loved countless four-legged kin as my own. 

Is ‘winning’ having a ton of friends? I only have a few that I can count on one hand. 

Assets? I don’t have much to speak of really, but I do have the love of a very good man.

Am I winning? All I know is that each night I lay my head on the pillow, I can say that I live my life being kind, always putting others before myself, and will reach out to do good every time.

So the way I see it, as long as I’ve got time ahead of me to do just that, I am WINNING! :0)

This is the last day of Terri Giuliano Long’s August #blogflash2012. This was a terrific experience; I met new friends, read wonderful authors’ pieces and I am sorry to see it end. I want to thank Terri for the opportunity and would suggest that writers who want to learn and improve their writing to follow Terri’s blog. While you’re at it, why not pop over to the #blogflash2012 contributor’s sites listed on Terri’s page and follow them as well. You’ll be glad you did. :0)

DAY 29- MASQUERADE- Haiku #BlogFlash2012

29 Aug


Smooth ruse masked intent

Believing brought surrender

A stolen heart breaks

There’s still time to pop over to Terri Giuliano Long’s #blogflash2012 to read scads of wonderful and varied posts by authors you might know and some you’ll be happy to have found. Thanks again Terri for this challenging opportunity!

DAY 28- FROG #BlogFlash2012

28 Aug


Frog, frog

Jumped out of the bog

Onto the shore

Then onto a log


Frog, frog

Hopped from the log

Up to a tree

Then down on my knee.


Frog, frog

Sprang to an oak

Stared at my face

And started to croak


He croaked out a song

He croaked loud and long

It sounded like fun

So I sang along


Enchanted frog, frog

Made me gay

Soon all my troubles

Just hopped away

DAY 27 – HISTORY #BlogFlash2012

27 Aug


There is nothing quite like having a friend with whom one has history. A friend who knows practically everything about you and is front and center in many of your best memories. The type of friend who can pick up right where you’ve left off even if you haven’t spoken in ages. A friend with a similar past who doesn’t have to say a thing sometimes and knows that all you want to do is blow off steam. I’m grateful to have a friend like that and though there are miles between us, years of history keep us close.

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