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#AprilPrompts Blogging Challenge

31 Mar

Having just completed Terri Giuliano Long’s challenge #BlogFlash2013, Carlie M A Cullen and I have decided we want to do another one and have decided to organize it ourselves.

The posts will be published every weekday throughout April and publicised using the hashtag #AprilPrompts. There will be a daily prompt posted on both our blogs (see list below), and each post has a maximum count of 200 words.

We would love it if you’d care to join us! This is a great way of getting the creative juices flowing and can be used as a writing exercise to warm up the muscles in the brain. It’s a lot of fun and a fab way of meeting new people.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t post every day, just do what you can. Post the links to your blog on this or Carlie’s site for each prompt you write and we’ll publicize it.

If you’d like to take part, please reply to this post.

Carlie and I look forward to blogging with you.

~ Donna

Daily Prompt List:

1st – ARROW

2nd – MUSE


4th – SIN



9th – TRUTH

10th – HEART


12th – LOSS

15th – GAME


17th – THRONE

18th – PROMISE

19th – STOLEN




25th – GUILT

26th – LOVE

#BlogFlash2013 – DAY 21 – SUCCESS (Haiku)

29 Mar

Hi Gang,

Well, this is it; today’s the last day of Terri Giuliano Long’s #BlogFlash2013- Part 1. I’m sorry for it to end, because BlogFlash is the one time that I force myself to write and publish something every day to my blog. It’s predominately haiku, which is a love of mine that I don’t concentrate on writing otherwise.

I thoroughly enjoyed popping over to everyone’s blogs to read and comment on posts. I feel a real sense of community and I’m going to miss it until Terri’s next #blogflash rolls around again. I will try to keep in touch with the new friends I’ve made. See y’all in August!

Since the warm weather has made me itch to go fish, here’s an encore piece on ‘Success’ from #BlogFlash2012:


Photo credit- Alison Sheeney

Photo credit- Alison Sheeney

Sea bird spots target 

Throttled over sent lines down 

Dinner’s in the boat

My Challenge!

Choosing perfect words for a 17-syllable piece is challenging to say the least. Daily word prompts get my creative juices flowing, which pour into the rest of my day’s writing. I want to keep that creativity flowing, and I have a favor to ask y’all.

I’m asking my reader friends to leave one-word prompts in the comments section (leave more than one word if you wish). All I need is 22 different prompts to write weekday haiku/poems for the month of April. Go ahead…you know you want to!

Thank you in advance for helping me with my self-challenge. Terri, thanks again for a fun month’s romp! :0)


#BlogFlash2013 – Day 20 – Education

28 Mar


I’ve learned volumes since working to educate myself on picture books and writing in general. Lately, I began to assess my children’s story LUCCI- The No Smoochie Poochie, which I self-published in 2012.


Though LUCCI has been well-received as a great bedtime story, I began picking my ‘primitive’  illustrations apart. I focused mainly on the ‘photo’ heads (my nieces and nephew), and started toying with the idea of re-illustrating several pages in the book (wishing I could do the entire book).

A family artist sketched cute faces for me, and I planned on using Photoshop to update the book. It’s a program I know nothing about, but figured I could teach myself to get the job done. I planned on devoting the rest of the year this weekend to work on the project.


However, on Tuesday, I discovered an interesting announcement.  Marisol Misenta aka ISOL, the winner of the ($780,000) Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award for children’s literature, uses child-like drawings which she says reflects her desire to show readers that it’s OK to break the rules.

Photo credit- noticias.iainformacion.com

Photo credit- noticias.iainformacion.com

I liked reading that! Many reviewers, say the art in LUCCI works well with the story. Children to whom I’ve read the story have said many times, “I could draw this!”  (*wink* little do they know a big ‘ole grownup drew them.)

After educating myself reading industry news, I decided that I just might leave the drawings alone!

#BlogFlash2013 – Day 19- City

27 Mar
Photo credit-theepochtimes.com

Photo credit-theepochtimes.com


It’s 4:44, I mustn’t sleep any more
Gotta rise early before I head out the door
Play catch up online, dress and eat
Hurry, hurry hustle to hit the street

Hop the train in the pouring rain
Commuting to the city is a royal pain
Crammed on the subway to get to my block
Still, I run late as I spot a clock

Push through the crowds, past towers of stone
Umbrella breaks, I’m chilled to the bone
Ride the elevator stories up
Run to the break room to fill up my cup

Dash to my desk to begin my work
As assistant to the assistant accounting clerk
I gaze out sealed windows as the hours drag by
Invisible in this city, I stifle a cry

I’m betting something better waits for me
As I type my resignation with a smidgen of glee
This cold, hard city I will not take anymore
I marched out the door at 4:44

Photo credit-geofffox.com

Photo credit-geofffox.com

#BlogFlash2013- Day 17 – Water – Haiku

25 Mar


Drip — drop — splash — trickle —
Faulty faucet symphony
Plays to restless soul
Photo credit- Flickr.com

Photo credit- Flickr.com


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