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Month of Poetry – Snowball Bullies – Children’s #Poem – #MoP14

8 Jan
Artist- Gabor Toth

Artist- Gabor Toth


I don’t want to walk to school,

Crunch through snow and slide on streets.

Wrapped up like a mummy,

Puffy coat instead of sheets.


Bullies waiting down the block,

To cover me with snow.

I can’t go to school today.

Please don’t make me go!


What? You say you’ll walk me?

Why not scold me first?

I’d prefer a talking-to.

Being laughed at, that’s the worst!


Okay, I am going,

to try another route to school.

Through the woods and up the hill.

Being chicken ain’t so cool.


Nuts, I’ve been outsmarted.

They are right at School House Gate.

Cringing down, I duck my head.

I shiver and I wait.


What’s the funny sound,

Whizzing right above my head?

Bully boys went running,

‘Cause they hit the dean instead!   

 —First Draft- Donna L Sadd, all rights reserved

Thanks for popping in!

I wanted to add a disclaimer if I may. These poems are no way in a million years far from submission ready pieces. But the more one writes, the more one learns, and that’s where I am with rhyme. That’s why I take up these challenges.

There’s a whole science behind it…rhythm, meter, scansion. I’ve been studying it, and working hard to get the ‘knack’ of it. But banging them out in a day doesn’t give me enough time to polish them as much as I’d like to.  

I truly appreciate your kind words of encouragement; it keeps me going! I would love it if you’d suggest prompts for kids’ poems that you’d like me to write about. It could keep my juices flowing and help me hit the mark.

Thanks so much for your kind support.

Best, Donna :0)

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