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#AprilPrompts – Day 8 – Heart #NaPoWriMo #Children

10 Apr
Photo - gallery.hd.org

Photo – gallery.hd.org

Sophie awakened early
And loaded up her cart
She had spent her summer days
Creating pretty art
She hitched the cart to her bike
And pedaled to the mart
The Annual Kids’ Art Sale
Was just about to start
Her canvases were simple
Each one was of a heart
Delightful colors beckoned
And folks began to dart
Each visitor that came by
Heart  in hand would depart
“Everyone loves love,” one said.
“That Sophie girl is smart!”

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#AprilPrompts – Day 6 – Growing – #Children

8 Apr


photo- goodtoknow.co.uk

photo- goodtoknow.co.uk

Mommy, I am growing

It shows it on the wall

Daddy, I am growing

I’m growing big and tall


I’m one inch higher than

Last measured pencil line

Look, I’m truly growing

I’m growing fit and fine


My sneakers are tight

And so are my clothes

One thing not growing

Seems to be my nose


But my freckles look bigger

Sprinkled all over the place

If I had an eraser

I could wipe them off my face


Spots and all I’m growing

I’m rising through the airs

When I get much taller

We’ll measure me upstairs!

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