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#BlogFlash2013 – Day 19- City

27 Mar
Photo credit-theepochtimes.com

Photo credit-theepochtimes.com


It’s 4:44, I mustn’t sleep any more
Gotta rise early before I head out the door
Play catch up online, dress and eat
Hurry, hurry hustle to hit the street

Hop the train in the pouring rain
Commuting to the city is a royal pain
Crammed on the subway to get to my block
Still, I run late as I spot a clock

Push through the crowds, past towers of stone
Umbrella breaks, I’m chilled to the bone
Ride the elevator stories up
Run to the break room to fill up my cup

Dash to my desk to begin my work
As assistant to the assistant accounting clerk
I gaze out sealed windows as the hours drag by
Invisible in this city, I stifle a cry

I’m betting something better waits for me
As I type my resignation with a smidgen of glee
This cold, hard city I will not take anymore
I marched out the door at 4:44

Photo credit-geofffox.com

Photo credit-geofffox.com

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