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Month of Poetry – Counting Claude – Children’s Poem

16 Jan

1-16-2014- numbers



Claude counted numbers one by one,

Always having lots of fun.

He finished numbers, started over,

Counting blooms of fresh new clover.


When he tired of counting clover,

He ran to count on his dog Rover.

Attempting to total the spots on his face,

When Rover split to give fast chase.


The cat fled, scrambling cute ‘lil kittens,

Wearing soft and fluffy mittens.

The couch held twenty-four gloved paws,

Claude counted while detaching claws.


When dinner came, Claude counted peas.

He gulped them down in sets of threes.

He flopped in bed, dropped in a heap,

Of course, Claude started counting sheep.

1-16-2014-kid sheep

Don’t ask. This one has driven me crazy!

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