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Club-Content Contest Winner of a Post About Mom!!- In The Valley With Mom

25 Apr

Hi Gang,

Last week on my blog you saw a contest post entry from a fellow member of Club-Content!, a group of bloggers helping bloggers improve and post quality content on their blogs. My entry was posted on another member’s blog,  for consideration in “A Contest About Your Mom.”

Guess what? I won it; I won my first writing contest as a new author and received a cash prize too-boot! It was a humbling experience as my mom came through for me again. Please read on…..

My Mom


My brother called me in the middle of a sunny September day last year to tell me that my mother passed away. I was 1400 miles away but it felt like I was on the Moon.

It was a sudden thing; she wasn’t ill. It stopped my world; it didn’t spin. I blinked and my mother was gone.

We mobilized; got to Florida; experienced sorrow mixed with wonderful, laughable, tear-filled recollections of my mom with close family; then returned home. I was empty and lost.

Mom hadn’t wanted my husband and I and our pet-clan moving far away to Texas in 2008 but she respected our decision. The distance didn’t hurt our relationship; in fact it got better and we maintained our daily phone call ritual but usually spoke more than once because we had to tell each other everything!

There’s a valley behind our house where every morning I walk my dogs and goats down to get exercise and greens and I immerse myself in quiet nature. It’s beautiful and peaceful and quiet there, and this is when I’d give my mother a call. My mom was pretty much a control freak most of my life and had an opinion about everything I did; so what else was new. But in the valley we spoke in a way that was a lot kinder and equal and we became closer than we ever were.

Valley Girls

We were finally friends and I actually looked forward to our ‘morning valley talks.’

Over the fall and winter since she passed, the trees became bare, cold skeletons and I didn’t take the animals down to the valley. I walked down alone. I had only one message of hers on my phone and I’d call it countless times to hear her voice. She didn’t close with her usual “Love you” but it was her voice just the same.

Imagine my malaise when I recently upgraded my phone to realize that her voice would be lost to me forever.

Valley Dogs

Spring has arrived and my world has slowly started to spin again. We’ve all begun walking down to the valley every morning. When we get to a spot I call ‘Serenity Circle’ I whisper, “Good Morning God. Good Morning Mom,” and with that, without fail, a full on energized, fabulous breeze hits each and every leaf on the trees and it fills me up and makes me smile.

God is with me. Mom is with me. I am not alone.

My Mom

**On a Happier note: I realized that my mother’s voice is not lost to me because I have videos! Here’s one with her that makes me laugh…something I haven’t felt like doing while writing this post!

Making Grandma’s (Mom’s) Cassata Cake

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The Getting to Know Me Post #3- Star aka Goat #4

9 Mar Goat #4

Goat #4This one was brought into the house as a 6-month old pup by the Handsome Cowboy. He held her out to me and all I could say was, “What’s that?” I said it with disdain in my voice no less. You see my 14-year old Basset Boy Dillon had just passed away the day before. I was heart-broken and a mess to say the least.

Handsome Cowboy had heard that I had lost another basset hound (Dex) in surgery years before. At the time I was living with my mother and she was told that one of the best ways to heal a mourning heart was to get another dog as soon as possible. My mother surprised me by taking a drive out to a basset hound breeder where I chose my pup Dillon. (He was twice the size of his siblings and was bopping one on the head with his big ‘ol paw when my heart first melted.) Dillon is also a character in my children’s book LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE.

I know Handsome Cowboy meant to help me but I was given absolutely no time to mourn the loss of my beloved boy. I looked at her and said, “You found a 6-month old at a puppy place. What the heck is wrong with her?”

“Well, she had a bad case of worms,” H.C. replied. Oh great, not only was I not given a chance to mourn, I was not given a chance to pick my own dog, and I was not given the chance that every basset owner dies for…to have a teeny-weeny droopy-eared spotted pup trip over her ears every time she runs! (Just think Elizabethan-collared dog who gets caught in the grass when it runs but with a basset pup it’s the ears that get ’em every time.)

Basset Hound Puppy

(A shot of Star? Nope, I got a wormy 6-month old but I couldn’t resist showing you a basset hound puppy.)

“Donna, she had the same markings as Dillon and acted so sweet that my eyes watered up. I couldn’t leave her then because it was as if she was meant for us.”

A few hours later, after watching her play and appreciating that she did indeed look an awful lot like Dillon, I realized that Handsome Cowboy was right. Star was meant for us, and soon she would fit right in…and I mean right in.

For instance, Star chose to share the bed right away. She does this thing I call ‘The Steamroller,’ where she climbs the steps to the bed and proceeds to march up my body and plop herself down on my chest. This is a pre-sleep move; she gets lulled with ear rubs, plows under the covers next to me, drops her head on the pillow, lights out. She does this while watching TV too (Please excuse the goofy pj’s. I’m *clears throat* years old and I still wear Winnie the Pooh!)STEAMROLLER DOG

We lived in South Florida when we first got Star but fast-forward to now to meet the Texas country girl. We all love it out here; however, Star is really in her element and has blossomed. She rolls in the hay, digs in the dirt, and sleeps in the sunshine.

Digger StarTree Star

My whole purpose for moving out to Texas was the possibility that I could have ‘livestock.’ Correction, livestock sounds business-like; my purpose was to have bigger critters on which to dote. So, we got our three little Boer goat kids, Daisy, Dixie and Dot three years ago this month. Well, soon after Star began acting like a goat. If the goats ate leaves Star would try to eat leaves. If the goats got grapes and carrots, Star only got carrots once I realized that she’d take the grapes and hide them all over the house.

Star really bonded with the kids.


Now, a few years later, you’ll still find Star wherever the goats are…unless she’s in the house.

Star and Luca

Then, you’re more likely to find Star flopping out cold somewhere. I’ve got a bad back so I use a heating pad a lot, and I’ve got to fight the dogs off to get at it. Here’s Star with our little dapple doxi Luca…he is such a Mommy’s Boy!

What Dog Beds

See those things all over the floor? (I swear that’s not dirt; the lighting’s weird!) Yes, my house is lined with dogs beds all over the place but when I tell star to get on her dog bed, she’ll look at me as if to say,”Dog bed? What dog bed?” Go figure they’ve all got me wrapped around their paws and hoovies!

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend and give the little and big loves in your life tons of SMOOCHIES!

Oh nuts; I left something important out and that is to ask you all what stories do you have about a pet who might think he or she is something else or at least really relates to another species?  I know you’ve got ’em and this newbie blogger apologizes for not including this question in the first place. Go ‘head; you know you want to!

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