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DAY 9 – JOURNEY (Haiku) – #BlogFlash2012: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts

9 Aug


Walking summer trails

over sand dunes sway tall reeds

Sea beckons come swim

Fabulous 4th of July Cheesecake Flag

28 Jun

If you make one dish for Independence Day, make this fabulous 4th of July cheesecake flag cake and you’ll be the hit of the day! I first made this in 2010 for the Fourth but it is so delectable that I get requests for it all the time and decorate it to suit any occasion.  The true beauty of this cake is that it serves a whopping 48 persons and it’s finger-food that can be passed…no plates or silverware, just a napkin!

This is a recipe from Martha Stewart that I tweaked a bit by adding fresh whipped cream icing instead of confectioner’s sugar for bright white stripes of the flag, and canned strawberry pie filling for the toppings.  Here is Martha’s cake photo but it looked too messy. I just pictured kids (and adults) dropping fruit and confectioner’s sugar all over the place and opted for ‘stuff that stuck.’ However, the choice is yours.

Print out Martha’s recipe for convenience, as I follow it to the letter to bake the cake. If you choose to go my route, pick up a can of strawberry and blueberry pie filling or fresh blueberries. Here’s a simple recipe for whipped cream for the stripes:

Simple Whipped Cream

Be sure to start with a metal bowl and whisk that’s be chilled in the freezer for 10 minutes.

1 Cup heavy cream

1 Tsp. vanilla

1 Tbsp. sugar

Whip all in bowl until stiff peaks begin to form. Do not over-beat as it will become buttery and lumpy.

Here’s a slideshow of the baking steps; the decorating is up to you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Need another tasty dish for your cookout? Try my Super Crispy Chicken Wing recipe.

Enjoy the holiday everyone!

Pssst, anyone wondering why there are only 42 pieces of cake in the top photo? I always take a row for my hubby and I to nosh on the next day. :0) Try this fabulous 4th of July Cheesecake Flag; your peeps will love you for it!

Waxing Nostalgic – “Sugar Sugar”

8 Jun

Here’s a blast from the past. I was listening to the oldies yesterday and the song SUGAR SUGAR by The Archies came on. It was a favorite of mine when I was in third grade and I remembered that I had written a piece about it for a writing challenge not too long ago. I’ll be dating myself here but couldn’t resist posting a wonderful memory from my childhood:


All three third grade classes at Harding Avenue Elementary School were called into the assembly hall for a special meeting. With the other two teachers by her side, my teacher proudly announced that we were all going to put on a play. I felt both excited and scared at the same time when I heard we would be performing it in front of the entire school.

Our teachers went on to explain that the play would have all sorts of skits and dances and music, and they began to describe the types of parts that were available. They told us that most of the different scenes called for groups of us kids to perform them, so my best friends Linda and Marian and I listened for a fun part we could all do together.

There were parts for astronauts and a bunch of boys were picked for that. A whole forest full of fairy parts went to a lot of girls in Miss Kline’s class. The kids in Band became the orchestra. The list went on and kids were selected one by one. My friends and I began to think that they would run out of parts and we would end up working backstage.

That’s when Ms. Kellman announced that they needed three go-go girls to perform The Archies’ song “Sugar, Sugar.” Our hands flew up right when we heard her say, “The Archies” because we knew was coming next. Sugar Sugar was our tippy-top favorite song, and it was the number-one hit all around the country. We already knew all the words and we danced to it all the time. This was perfect. This part was for us! We all frantically began to jump up and down so she could not miss us. She didn’t and we got the parts.

We only had a few weeks to perfect our act. Marian’s parents had the best stereo and we had the entire living room in which to practice. We’d line up in a row, first Marian, then me, and then Linda, and Marian would put the needle down on the record, jump in line and we were ready to go. “Sugar, sugar, ah honey, honey, you are my candy girl and you’ve got me wanting you.” We moved together first bopping to the right for three counts, and then the left for three counts, to the right, to the left and so on. “When I kissed you girl I knew how sweet a kiss could be (knew how sweet a kiss could be). Like the summer sunshine pour your sweetness over me (pour your sweetness over me). Whoa-O-O-O-O.” Big Spin!

One afternoon, after hours of practicing, Marian put the needle down on the record, turned to get in line but she tripped on me and I fell into Linda. We were a pile of exhausted go-go dancers all laughing and giggling on the floor.

I will never forget that day when my friends and I just laughed and laughed and laughed for what seemed to be forever.

The Getting To Know Me Post #1 – Meet Some of the Loves of My Life

25 Feb

Hi Gang!

I’m so new to this blogging thingy that I have not posted of late because, quite frankly, I’ve been a CHICKEN! I started the blog because that is what one does, so they say, when one wants to sell a book. My book is LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE, a print and eBook young children’s story, but now what?

All of a sudden I thought I had to come up with brilliant adages about the art of writing and the thought of coming across as something I’m not  literally froze me to doing nothing! Gee whiz, I have moments of brilliance but they are few and far between.

I’m new to the writing game but I’m not so new at other things like animal love, cooking, baking and D.I.Y. projects of all sorts. So instead of hiding out being afraid to blog out into the atmosphere, I’m just going to take this one step at a time and put bits and pieces of me out there.

Hopefully, you will bear with me and like my blog and if you’re an animal lover please stick around because I’m absolutely nuts about ’em, live for them and already foresee my posts including them all the time.

Today I’m introducing you to Daisy, Dixie and Dot. They’re my outdoor babies and they will all be turning 3 years old in  March. My hubby Robert and I moved to beautiful Central Texas Hill Country from South Florida almost 4 years ago, and my dream was to have ‘livestock’ which to me meant finally having the chance to raise bigger pets with huge ‘muffers’ to kiss (noses/pusses).

Of yet, we don’t have the space for cows and horses, which could be changing any day now (keep your fingers crossed), so I started off by adopting 3 bottle baby Boer goats. Daisy was a few days short of being 1 month old; Dotty was 2 weeks old and little Dixie was only 10 days old when we made them our own.

When you have “bottle babies” you’ve just signed up for feedings every 3 hours throughout the day, everyday for a good 3 months. I ate, slept and breathed only for my “Goatee Girls.”

That was then; this is now:

My absolute favorite blog is Ree Drummond’s Confessions of a Pioneer Woman . I discovered her on “The View” a thousand years ago when she presented fabulous food, talked about the monumental task of  leaving the ranch to “go to town to stock up on supplies once a month,'” and had a big lovable group of  livestock to smooch (I don’t know whether she has that penchant but I do). I saw myself in her. My life in the country is on a smidgen of the scale but I still relate because I’m a home chef, am married to my own handsome Marlboro man…

have the beginnings of livestock…

and I’ve always loved and had a big ‘ol basset hound in my life!

This is Star, AKA Maybelline, Barbara, Queen of the House…one of the three beautiful barking loves of my life. Stay tuned for the rest of my nutty pack.

Thanks way in advance for sticking with me and enjoy the rest of your week.

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