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Month of Poetry – Puddle Ducklings – Children’s #Poem – #MoP14

12 Jan
Image- Wunderground

Image- Wunderground



Seven ducklings in a row,

Saw a puddle, there they go.

Splish, splash, splops they do flops.

They look like little yellow mops.


Webby feet kick here and there,

upside down, high in the air.

Ducks and puddles go hand in hand.

Ducklings paddling, ain’t life grand!


But Mama calls, it’s time to go.

They hear her call and they all know,

To come a running straight away.

The swimming’s over for today.


Seven ducklings in a row

Follow Mama all in tow.

To the nest, far from the puddle.

Soon fall asleep as they all cuddle.

Donna L Sadd, all rights reserved

Image- Refresh Dot Com

Image- Refresh Dot Com

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Laura Thomas for this prompt…who doesn’t love ducklings in rain puddles?

Check out Laura’s award-winning book review blog here!

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