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Prompt 1 – 100 Days of Summer Writing Challenge

27 May

It’s Memorial Day, and the kick-off to writing challenge 100 Days of Summer. I’m not sure yet as to whether this challenge will make for daily blog posts, but when a prompt is suitable, I’ll post it.

Feel free to write along, and if you’re really ballsy, post it in the comments section. :0) Here goes….

Prompt 1: Start a scene where your protagonist celebrates a moment of glory or suffers through a public embarrassment.  Try showing this moment rather than telling what happened.

image- parentdish.co.uk

image- parentdish.co.uk

            “Mrs. Ullo, Mrs. Ullo!” cried Donna, waving her hand frantically at the back of the class line.
            “Class, you will have to all line up, and stop talking if you want to be dismissed,” said the teacher.
            “But Mrs. Ullo, I’ve got to go!” cried Donna once again.
            “Quiet down, Donna,” snapped Mrs. Ullo. 
            Minutes ticked by, and seconds dragged on as Donna obeyed her teacher, remaining in line bouncing up and down with her legs crossed.
            “Okay class, you can all go home,” said the teacher.
            Suddenly, like a string of dominoes, each child in line turned to see Donna standing in a puddle.
            “Donna wet her pants,” laughed one kid.
            “Donna’s a baby,” giggled another. They all laughed and pointed at her as they filed out of the room, leaving her crying alone.
            “Oh my, what happened?” asked a surprised Mrs. Ullo.
            “I asked to go, but I just couldn’t hold it any more.”

Sorry to start off with a bit of a disgusting response to the prompt, but when I think of a public embarrassment, my mind instantly lands on an actual experience I had in the third grade, when my teacher wouldn’t let me leave the room to go to the lavatory.

It was the most embarrassing moment of my life, but it also was a turning point. I vowed never to be obedient to a fault again.

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