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It’s Been a Felt Mornin’ and a Straw Afternoon


My hubby and I joked about a song idea a while back. Out here in Texas, one wears felt hats in the cold and straw hats in the heat, and on a lot of wacky Texas weather days, one can certainly be found in both throughout the day. We came up with the title line “It’s been a felt mornin’ and a straw afternoon.”

This morning was cool and invigorating and as I reveled in it, up popped the line again in my head. I went to work on it, coming from a day working cowboy’s frame of view:

It’s Been a Felt Mornin’

and a Straw Afternoon


Horses fed and saddled,

Stalls mucked then roosters rise.

Gatherin’ up the cattle as

Sun paints night’s faded skies.


It’s a frigid start.

Felt hat muffles the cold.

My muscles sore and aching,

This here guy is feeling old.


Cuttin’ and a cullin’

Others out the rounds,

Leaves us with the cattle

Ear-marked for different grounds.


Long task of sorting yearlings

Sizzled the chill of the morn.

Heat’s pounding on my sweating back.

That dang sun I truly scorn.


Back on in my truck,

My hands are chafed and raw.

I swap out the felt hat for

A hat made out of straw.


Heading down the road

Towards another ranch I ride.

Wishing you were here

Sittin’ by my side.


Pullin’ calves and branding’s

Real hard work, it’s true.

But worse than that, worst of all

Is time spent away from you.


It’s been a felt mornin’

And a straw afternoon

The sun’s ‘bout settin,’

I’ll be home to you soon.


Darlin’ I love you, know that I do.

We’ll have a velvet evening 

Once I’m back in your arms

Lying next to you.


Now I just have to wait for a hunky country song singer to call! :0) What singer would you pick to make a song out of this?

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