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Month of Poetry – Fine Fit – #Haiku – #MoP14 – #ScriptingChange

15 Jan

DU- I’m halfway through the Month of Poetry, and I’ve neglected to mention Seeing Past Sickness, a #charity project of #ScriptingChange…until now!

Here’s my Haiku…

Fine Fit


Fine from the outside-

Ailment goes unnoticed here

Peg no longer square

Image- etc dot usf dot edu

Image- etc dot usf dot edu

This haiku was published late last year in Seeing Past Sickness, an anthology from the #Scripting Change Project.

“Seeing Past Sickness is the inaugural publication of Scripting Change, a community writing project that aims to make a positive social difference. All of the work required to bring together this anthology was volunteered, and 100% of Scripting Change’s proceeds* will be donated to our inaugural recipient: the MSTR Scholarship Foundation, which provides financial support for students pursuing an education, despite the difficulties and costs associated with chronic illness.”

It’s a new year, and I want to continue to help spread the word for a charitable cause. Won’t you help too?

By clicking on the first link above, you’ll be taken to Amazon, where the purchase price is $2.99. However, if you click on the second link, you can name a price yourself!

In either event, could you take a minute to share it? I’m sure the beneficiaries of this scholarship would be truly grateful.


Month of Poetry – Seasonal Thoughts – #Haiku – #MoP14

11 Jan


Seasonal Thoughts

Ideas fall from sky

Spring to mind this– winter’s day

About summertime

–Donna L Sadd, all rights reserved

I’ve gotta share something…

I spent a good chunk of time yesterday writing an adorable poem–my favorite since I started the challenge. My hubby had given me a broad prompt, and after thinking about it a long time, a kid popped in my head and wrote it for me!

After I finish each piece, I search for an image to match the post. Today’s search lead me to an image attached to a newspaper article, which led me to a terrific idea for a picture book! Nonfiction no less!

I managed to locate the reporter, and sent him a shot-in-the-dark email. He turned out to be a doll, and provided contact information which otherwise would have been very difficult if not impossible to obtain!

I told you all about it in my post, but I can’t use it now because it would then be deemed published and unacceptable by a traditional publishing house. (I’m hanging on to the post to share it with you one day when the story gets picked up.) 

Thanks in advance for keeping your fingers crossed for this story! I’m so excited:0)

Month of Poetry – Slow Thaw – #Haiku – #MoP14

9 Jan

1-9-2013- icicles

Slow Thaw

Ice swords drip from eves

Last week’s rain caught in its tracks

Trickles once again

Donna L Sadd, all rights reserved

Image- Jennifer Moo

Image- Jennifer Moo

Please Vote – Send My Haiku on Maven’s Mission to Mars #GoToMars

15 Jul
Please click on photo to cast your vote!

Please click on photo to cast your vote!

Sounds wild, doesn’t it?

It’s true, NASA’s MAVEN- Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolusion Mission is set to launch in late 2013, and offered the public a chance to climb on board…figuratively. 

School children were given a chance to submit artwork for a chance to have their art included as digital files on the DVD that will fly to Mars on board the MAVEN spacecraft! NASA chose to place all 377 entries from kids around the world on the DVD to Mars.

7-15-2013-student art contest

Folks were also offered the chance to send a message to Mars in the form of a haiku (line 1- 5 syllables, line 2- 7 syllables, line 3- 5 syllables style).

Many of you who follow this blog, know that I’m a haiku freak and write it every chance I get. I’ve loved the form since was a girl, so I jumped at the chance when I read about the contest.

Before you read the poem, there’s one thing I want to mention otherwise it might read weird to you. ‘Opposition’ in space terms is when Earth and Mars reach their closest point. 

Image: mars.jpl.nasa.gov

Image: mars.jpl.nasa.gov

Here goes it:

Elusive neighbor

Converge in opposition-

Solely to be friends

I liked using the word opposition in the poem because Mars is the planet of war, so it can be seen as confrontational, but it really is a coming together. 

I do hope that you click on the top image to give my haiku a chance to travel to Mars, a 5 star vote would be great. Please tweet using the hashtag #GoToMars and share this with your friends on Facebook too.


#NaPoWriMo – DAY 28 – IN THE WOODS

28 Apr


Crunch crack sounds warning

Hidden creatures sigh relief

Snow is in the woods


Children’s Poem – Throne

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