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TREAT OR TRICK? – A #Poem for Halloween

28 Oct
Image- chicagonow.com

Image- chicagonow.com

Okay, I’ve finally entered one of best-selling children’s book author, Susanna Leonard Hill’s fantastic, super-competitive children’s writing events. It’s her Third Annual Halloweensie Contest!

Entries can be funny, scary or anything in between, poetry or prose, but they must have 100 words or less, and contain the words: spooky, black cat and cackle.

If you have a moment between now and October 31st (when they are all due), do yourself a favor and read the entries on Susanna’s site. It’s always worth the effort. Better yet, you still have a few days to enter if you wish.

Voting on top choices takes place on November 4th.

Now, be afraid. Be very afraid…

Image: lisamccourthollar.com

Image: lisamccourthollar.com



Headstone Hill's a spooky place.
Wanda Witch lives there.
It's said she steals small children.
Little ones beware!

Dared to go on Halloween,
Rip approached her house.
He tiptoed past the black cat.
Quiet as a mouse.

Wanda pulled the creaky door,
Stretching a sly smile.
"My, a sweet young child is here!"
EWWW, they're all so vile!

Shaking, Rip held out his bag,
Waiting for some stuff.
Wanda gave a sugared snake.
"This was not so tough!

I don't need to be afraid.
You gave me a sweet."
Then she yanked Rip in, cackling,
"BEAST, come get your treat!"

10-28-2013-halloweenie contest-cartoon-monster

Image: nyulocal.com

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