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Guest Post by Carlie M A Cullen- Ria’s Birthday Surprise


Hi Folks,

Week 2 of the HEART SEARCH: LOST BLOG TOUR is in full swing, and author, Carlie MA Cullen has been making stops on the tour doing GUEST POSTS, interviews and sharing juicy excerpts from the book.

Today Carlie is guest posting on my blog and, since I write children’s stories, I asked Carlie whether she had ever written for children.

Carlie’s reply: “I’ve only written one children’s story as an adult – until now. I’ve written one especially for your blog…”

Oh boy, a special kids story just for my blog; I am over the moon! Without further ado…

Ria’s Birthday Surprise


Ria jumped out of bed. She was so excited as it was her seventh birthday. She rushed downstairs into the kitchen to find her mum waiting to fix her breakfast. Opening her arms she said,

“Happy birthday, sweetheart,” as she gave Ria a big cuddle. Ria grinned up at her.

“Thank you, Mummy. Where’s Daddy?” Ria asked stepping away and looking around.

“He’s gone to pick up Nanna and Poppa. They should be back soon so hurry and eat your breakfast and let’s get you washed and dressed,” she replied, placing a glass of orange juice and a bowl of cereal on the table.

Ria finished her breakfast in record time and dashed upstairs to get ready. Just as she finished pulling the tangles from her long brown hair, she heard the front door open. A familiar voice drifted up the stairs.

“Is the birthday girl up yet or do I have to go upstairs with my tickle fingers?”

Ria giggled and rushed to the top of the stairs. “I’m up!” she declared looking down at her dad. He looked like a giant from where she was standing and he had a huge grin on his face. She rushed down the steps and launched herself at her dad.

“Ooof!” The noise exploded from her dad as she knocked the breath out of him and Ria giggled again. “Happy birthday, rascal,” he chuckled. He put her down and she ran into the lounge where her grandparents were waiting.

After lots more cuddles and kisses and birthday wishes, Ria noticed a pile of brightly wrapped presents in all shapes and sizes, complete with ribbons and bows, on the floor in front of the TV. She gasped and her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Are these all for me?” She asked excitedly, her eyes as big as a basketball.

“Go on, open them,” her mum said, chuckling at the expression on Ria’s face. Ria didn’t need telling twice and soon the floor was covered with torn wrapping paper as she ripped into each one.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Ria exclaimed as she uncovered each new gift. There was a pretty dress, the same colour as a summer sky, for her to wear at her party that afternoon, books, DVD’s, a doll, a board game, a CD and some other nice clothes.

At the very bottom of the pile was a very flat present which she hadn’t noticed before. She paused before picking it up and took some time feeling it before carefully tearing the paper away, a curious expression on her face.

Inside was a book. She turned it over, read the cover and gasped,

“It’s got my name on it!” she exclaimed. She opened the cover and to her surprise, the whole story was all about her and her family. Mum, Dad, her grandparents and even her dog, Misty, was in there. “Mummy, Daddy, look! It’s got all of us in here and Nanna and Poppa and Misty!”

Her parents moved closer so she could show them, smiling at her amazement. At the very end of the book was a message. It read ‘To our darling Ria, Happy 7th Birthday, lots of love, Nanna and Poppa xx’. Ria got up from the floor and rushed over to her grandparents, hugging them both as tightly as her little arms could.

“Thank you. It’s the bestest surprise present I’ve ever had!”

That’s an adorable little story Carlie; thank you for writing it for my blog! :0) 

Please take the time to pop around to other blog tour contributor’s sites, as Carlie’s been hard at work delivering unique interviews and guest posts for all involved on the blog tour. For instance, here’s an informative GUEST POST by Carlie- “Wading through the Publishing River,” over at Michelle Birbeck’s blog “Short Sweet and Snappy.” Madeline Dyer hosts an info-packed guest post about characterization. So please check ’em out; you’ll learn a lot.


Read Carlie MA Cullen’s bio, and visit the complete list of blog tour stops to catch all of the guest posts, interviews, excerpts, and ENTER THE FAB GIVEAWAY HERE.

Carlie, thank you again for stopping by to guest post on my blog and leaving us an adorable children’s story; I really enjoyed it and know my reader’s will too. 

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