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Month of Poetry – What’s Over The Fence? – Children’s #Poem – #MoP14

10 Jan
Image- One4Pets

Image- One4Pets


“What’s over the fence, Flour?”

“Don’t think about that stuff, Fluff.”

“Tall and wide and really high,

Climbing’s much too tough.”


“Fly Boy might know the place.

He flies everywhere.”

“Why do you care so much,

About what’s over there?”


“I’ve just got to know.

Fly Boy, Fly Boy, CAW, CAW.

Please show up and tell us.

What is it that you saw?” 


“I heard you guys meowing,

Over two long blocks away.

What is it that you wanted?

What can I do for you today?”


“Tell us please, what’s over that fence?

We really want to know.”

“A kitten’s playground’s what I’d call it.

You really ought to go!”


“What’s it got, that’s so much fun,

For us two baby cats?

Toys, a ball, or could it be,

Some tempting, tasty rats?”


“Yes, but there is so much more,

Of which you’d both be fond.

The old lady is a sweetheart.

She’s even got a pond!”


“A pond fresh full of goldfish,

Swimming in the sun.

I’d get going right away.

You’d both have lots of fun!”


“Keep climbing, Fluff pushed Flour.”

“I’m trying, but I got a blister.”

Little did the kitts know,

They had teased old Fly Boy’s sister.


Once they bound over the fence.

They got a great surprise.

Fluff and Flour scampered,

When they met six canine eyes!

First Draft- Donna L Sadd, all rights reserved

Image- Attack of the Cute

Image- Attack of the Cute

Thanks for the prompt, Carlie. Keep ’em coming folks! :0)

DAY 9 – JOURNEY (Haiku) – #BlogFlash2012: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts

9 Aug


Walking summer trails

over sand dunes sway tall reeds

Sea beckons come swim

Waxing Nostalgic – “Sugar Sugar”

8 Jun

Here’s a blast from the past. I was listening to the oldies yesterday and the song SUGAR SUGAR by The Archies came on. It was a favorite of mine when I was in third grade and I remembered that I had written a piece about it for a writing challenge not too long ago. I’ll be dating myself here but couldn’t resist posting a wonderful memory from my childhood:


All three third grade classes at Harding Avenue Elementary School were called into the assembly hall for a special meeting. With the other two teachers by her side, my teacher proudly announced that we were all going to put on a play. I felt both excited and scared at the same time when I heard we would be performing it in front of the entire school.

Our teachers went on to explain that the play would have all sorts of skits and dances and music, and they began to describe the types of parts that were available. They told us that most of the different scenes called for groups of us kids to perform them, so my best friends Linda and Marian and I listened for a fun part we could all do together.

There were parts for astronauts and a bunch of boys were picked for that. A whole forest full of fairy parts went to a lot of girls in Miss Kline’s class. The kids in Band became the orchestra. The list went on and kids were selected one by one. My friends and I began to think that they would run out of parts and we would end up working backstage.

That’s when Ms. Kellman announced that they needed three go-go girls to perform The Archies’ song “Sugar, Sugar.” Our hands flew up right when we heard her say, “The Archies” because we knew was coming next. Sugar Sugar was our tippy-top favorite song, and it was the number-one hit all around the country. We already knew all the words and we danced to it all the time. This was perfect. This part was for us! We all frantically began to jump up and down so she could not miss us. She didn’t and we got the parts.

We only had a few weeks to perfect our act. Marian’s parents had the best stereo and we had the entire living room in which to practice. We’d line up in a row, first Marian, then me, and then Linda, and Marian would put the needle down on the record, jump in line and we were ready to go. “Sugar, sugar, ah honey, honey, you are my candy girl and you’ve got me wanting you.” We moved together first bopping to the right for three counts, and then the left for three counts, to the right, to the left and so on. “When I kissed you girl I knew how sweet a kiss could be (knew how sweet a kiss could be). Like the summer sunshine pour your sweetness over me (pour your sweetness over me). Whoa-O-O-O-O.” Big Spin!

One afternoon, after hours of practicing, Marian put the needle down on the record, turned to get in line but she tripped on me and I fell into Linda. We were a pile of exhausted go-go dancers all laughing and giggling on the floor.

I will never forget that day when my friends and I just laughed and laughed and laughed for what seemed to be forever.

The Getting to Know Me Post #2- Frank, A Love of My Life but the Feeling’s Not Mutual

2 Mar

Oh boy, over the past 2 days, this post has practically written itself. It’s all about Frank, our Quaker parrot. Frank’s been part of the family for longer than I’ve been married. We adopted him from my hubby’s boss and thought at the time that a woman, probably the boss’s wife, abused him in some way. Boy was he ornery but he bonded with my hubby right away. (I’ve got to give  my husband a nick name- I call him my ‘Handsome Cowboy’ to his face, so that’s what I’ll call him here.) Anyway, getting back to Frank, I love Frank but Frank hates me; he always has. Let me change that, I don’t think that he hates me I just don’t think that he trusts me. That’s why I believe he was mistreated by a woman. I kiss his tiny tush in Macy’s window daily but, after 19 years, he still wants a piece of me!

Okay, so I’m cleaning the kitchen floor the other day and I rolled Frank’s cage out of the way.

Moments later I turn around and Frank’s in Sally’s (she’s another story) turtle tank taking a bath!

Sally just sat there; she didn’t move; she didn’t spook (first weird thing), and Frank splashed around like a nut job (second weird thing). Then he casually climbed back on his cage and chirped soft, contented tweets while I slaved away.

Granted, it’s not unusual to walk into the kitchen to find Frank toddling across the floor to bathe in the dog fountain but the turtle tank? Now that’s a new one! Oh, that’s Zeetz the cat. When we adopted him as a kitten we thought he was a girl and named him Zita, meaning ‘little girl’ in Italian. He then sprung ‘corleones’ and became Zeetz. Thank goodness Zeetz was a nickname he had since she was little!

Fast forward later this week to American Idol- The Girls. Frank’s favorite people food is pasta and pizza; he’s a paisan after my own heart and he loves to watch TV with the Handsome Cowboy. Get a load of this- ‘Crust-Fisted Frank’ watching Idol! (Yep, those are vintage 50s TV trays-don’t ask.)

I admit to having an “assortment of other wacky critters” on my Amazon Author Page, so this and several more of my posts should prove it. It is not normal around here and that is just the way I like it!

Why not give LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE a read to learn about other wacky loves of my life, and please share this post with folks whose kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews might get a kick reading about lovable wacky pets.

Thanks for stopping by and bearing with me while I cut my teeth.- Donna

Welcome Friends!

26 Jan

It’s great that you’re here!

Since this is my debut blog post, please allow me introduce myself and tell you why I’m here. I’m Donna Louise Sadd author/writer/illustrator of the indie published Kindle eBook LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE. Lucci (pronounced Loochy) is about an adopted dachshund doggie who absolutely did not, ever, never give smoochies and a family’s far-ranging efforts to change Lucci into a licky, smoochie, loving machine.

I wrote the beginnings of this book several years ago when, one day while piddling around with my young nieces Coral and Sommer at one of our regular Wednesday Night Sleepover dates, we pondered why little Lucci never gave smoochies.

We grabbed drawing paper and I started rhyming out the story and drawing the first pages of illustrations…I know, at first blush, they’re primitive but little kids love ‘em regardless.

Those first few illustrated pages of the story went into a drawer soon after and sat for some time until I serendipitously came across them right before the holidays one year. I decided to finish the piece and give them as gifts. Since my hubby and I also had a young niece (Mackenzie) and nephew (Garrett) in New Jersey, I incorporated their characters into the story as well. I printed the story pages, had it bound and sent it off to my family ‘kid’characters.

My mother, Karen, recently passed away in September 2011 and I was lost. I seemed lost for months and began contemplating the purpose of my own life. After agonizing soul-searching and a surreal divine intervention, I pulled out LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE and decided to go to work and share this story.

I’m a self-proclaimed ‘wordsmith,’ and have been writing as far back as I can remember. I won poetry and writing awards all through school, became a copy writer for a New York advertising agency, and wrote every piece of promotional media for my small businesses as the years flew by, including a patent-pending product that I invented (Yarmulklips). Most recently, I developed the logo and stock written pieces for Free Cakes For Kids Killeen, TX, a local charity where I am a volunteer baker.

Family and friends had always told me to publish Lucci but I tabled those comments as ‘gracious’ and had never really given it more thought until I was at my own crossroad. In January of 2012, I independently published LUCCI on Amazon Kindle and now self-publish the same bound, card stock story with laminated front and back covers that I originally made for my family ‘kid’characters.

My mother somehow gave me the gift of realization. I know now that my path is that of an author, and LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE is only the first of many stories to come. I look forward to bringing smiles to the faces of little kids one story at a time!

On this blog I want to extend the smiling by providing interesting content to the folks who buy books for kids…moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, librarians – YOU.

If  it’s something that should make you smile or make your life a bit easier, you’ll be able to find tid bits of happiness, fun tips and easier ways to do things here. Please come back often, comments are craved, and thank you for asking your friends to join this blog as well!

Oh, it wouldn’t hurt if you bought the book but I won’t be nudging you about that.



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