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#AprilPrompts – Day 20 – Love – #NaPoWriMo

26 Apr

We're almost at an ending,
April's almost over.
I'm feeling kind of heart-sick,
I should be clover.

The month has been quite busy,
Creating posts each day.
My mind went round in circles,
As verses had their way.

I'd love a steady chance to,
Post poetry each day.
But if I did continue,
My hair would turn to grey.

Will do random postings of,
Poems from time to time.
Free verse and my fave haiku,
For kids, it will be rhyme.

Thanks for all your sweet, kind words,  
'Bout what I'd post that day.
Am grateful to all of you,
For bolstering my way.

This challenge is soon ending.
My schedule's almost clear.
Wouldn't miss the chance to say,
LOVE sharing with you here!

[If you showed for poetry,
Thank you, I am grateful.
Wait till NaPoWriMo comes.
See you all next April!]

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