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#AprilPrompts – Day 15 – Stolen – #NaPoWriMo #Children’s #Poem

19 Apr


Okay, someone took it
I swear it was right there
Who would think to steal it
Boy, this is so unfair
It was on the table
Right next to my book
It must have been stolen
I've looked and looked and looked
Who would be so sneaky
To slink off with my stuff
That sly thief better hide
Cause I can be real tough
Who would pinch a pencil
From underneath my nose
Nothing in my pockets
I've searched through all my clothes
Uh oh, I just found it
Looked everywhere but there
Pencil was not stolen
I stuck it in my hair

Saturday – PIG
Sunday – Write a STEM about Science, Technology, Engineering or Math

#AprilPrompts – Day 14 – PROMISE – #NaPoWriMo #Children #Poem

18 Apr
photo- karensnews.blogspot.com

photo- karensnews.blogspot.com

Promise we'll always be buddies
Promise we'll always be friends
Promise no girl will come between
Other bonds come to these ends

Pledge to pick me first on your team
Study together for Math
Say you'll protect me from bullies
While walking home down Teaser's Path

Assure me that we'll be tight pals
Through college and then to work
Say I'll stay your bestest bud
And won't be replaced by a jerk

I don't mean to sound sappy, but
Your friendship matters to me
Let's make an oath, a vow of sorts
That friends we will always be

I promise we'll grow together
I promise I'll always be there
And with this mush all said and done
Let's seal it, pinky swear

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#AprilPrompts – Day 13 – THRONE – #Children’s #Poem

17 Apr


Dahlia's dad would spend his days
Ruling upon his throne
Surrounded by his subjects
Was rarely found alone

The princess merely wanted
To spend time with her dad
When she tried to talk to him
His staff would get quite mad

They wouldn't let King know when
She walked into the hall
They all tried to block his view
All Dahlia did was bawl

Nurse saw Dahlia heartbroken
And asked for the king's ear
King would grant Nurse anything
For King she did so rear

Princess Dahlia loves you Sire
Spend time with her each day
Keep your daughter by your side
She'll be content that way

King took Nurse's words to heart
Dahlia will one day rule
I'll have her sit here with me
To learn, just like in school

Her chair was set next to King's
Two thrones placed in a row
In between royal decrees
They played fun tic-tac-toe

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#AprilPrompts – Day 12 – INFINITY – #NaPoWriMo #Haiku

16 Apr


Into never-ending space

Always — ongoing

I couldn’t help myself, I just had to plop in a pic of Buzz Lightyear because he’s what I really think of when I think of infinity. The true concept messes with me. :0)



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#NaPoWriMo – Day 14 – JOURNEY #Haiku

14 Apr



Going nowhere fast
Rambling river traverses-
Polishing each stone
River Bed Dance by Rhonda Depalma

River Bed Dance by Rhonda Depalma

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