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#AprilPrompts – Day 19 – Guilt – #NaPoWriMo Children’s Poem

25 Apr
Don't know why it's me you asked.
I did not do it, I said.
Why do you just pick on me?
Ask someone else instead.

There's four kids in this big old house,
But you don't suspect those guys.
How is it you think that I'm,
The only kid who lies?

You try the old black tongue test,
To see if I'm a liar.
Stare, to try to make me break.
Nope, I'm not a crier.

You make me go to my room,
And clean up all my messes.
You have wasted half the day,
Hoping 'he' confesses.

I gotta get out of here,
To play with all my friends.
How long will it take until,
This inquisition ends?

I can't take this guilt no more.
Alright, okay, I did it!
Took the skateboard from out front
And went ahead and hid it!

[Don't know how they always know,
That I'm the guilty one.
Can't keep myself from trouble.
To me, it's worth the fun!]

Today, I’ve got a special treat for y’all. My friend, M G Wells, author of Lightmasters 13, an uplifting adventure for middle grade and young adults, has published a new children’s book:

Description – Moobala Schmoobala is a big-hearted, fun-loving alien from the planet Googala. He and his best friend, Boobala, visit Earth and have tons of fun traveling the globe meeting lots of new friends along the way. An artful, educational rhyming children’s picture book. Available in Kindle Format at Amazon world-wide.

In honor of the books release, Moobala Schmoobala, is FREE today through Saturday, 4/27! Visit Ms. Well’s blog to find world-wide download links.

While you’re clicking, download Lightmasters 13It’s a spectacular read for any age. :0)

#NaPoWriMo – Day 21 – STEM #Haiku

21 Apr

In honor of National Poetry Month, Anastasia Suen’s blog STEM Friday challenged folks to write a STEM haiku. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering or Math.

Here’s an edited version of the technology haiku that I posted:

iPhone lost its bars
Intermittent Internet
All books keep their charge


Articles –

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#AprilPrompts – Day 10 – Loss – #NaPoWriMo

12 Apr

Today, I’m re-posting a poem that I wrote on my recently deceased mother’s birthday for #BlogFlash2012. When I think about loss, I think about her, and the pain’s still fresh.


I spread your ashes, made a graveyard today.

I haven’t had a place to visit since you went away.

No vase for flowers, no headstone to brush

No feelings have I since I felt the crush

Of being told that you were no longer here,

I never fathomed losing one so dear.

But it’s for real, a cold, stark truth.

I’ve felt as helpless as a child, a poor defenseless youth.

It’s your birthday today, three days before my own.

Now I must forever face our special time missing you, alone.

 I thought about it long and hard,

And found a spot right in the yard,

Where vivid red cardinals and pure white doves

Fly down to fresh seed from branches above.

It’s quiet there; it’s got a swing,

and it abounds with living things.

I can sit with you now, you’re in this place.

Graveyard is the last thing one would think of the space.

Here are 2 prompts for this weekend’s #NaPoWriMo, if you wish to use them:

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Sunday – JOURNEY


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#AprilPrompts – Day 7 – Truth – #Haiku #NaPoWriMo

9 Apr


Poised front and center-
Awaiting comprehension
Truth lies in plain site

Joy Keeney – Day 6 – Growth

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#AprilPrompts – Day 6 – Growing – #Children

8 Apr


photo- goodtoknow.co.uk

photo- goodtoknow.co.uk

Mommy, I am growing

It shows it on the wall

Daddy, I am growing

I’m growing big and tall


I’m one inch higher than

Last measured pencil line

Look, I’m truly growing

I’m growing fit and fine


My sneakers are tight

And so are my clothes

One thing not growing

Seems to be my nose


But my freckles look bigger

Sprinkled all over the place

If I had an eraser

I could wipe them off my face


Spots and all I’m growing

I’m rising through the airs

When I get much taller

We’ll measure me upstairs!

Carlie M A Cullen – Day 6

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