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Month of Poetry – Pirate Ships – Children’s #Poem #MoP14

6 Jan
Coloring Page- Click on image

Coloring Page- Click on image

Pirate Ships

Love to sail my pirate ship,

The sea’s my sudsy tub.

Pretend I’m stealing treasure,

As I scrub, and rub a dub.


My men are brave and able.

Today they swab the decks.

They gab about and wonder,

What town we’ll pillage next.


Suddenly a ship appeared,

It flew a skull and bones

If we didn’t think real fast.

We’d sleep with Davy Jones.


When the ship got close to ours,

My men jumped right on deck,

Took the captain by the arms,

And held him tight in check.


In turn, our ship was boarded.

I ran to join my crew.

Swords and fists flew everywhere.

How would it end? Who knew?


When we thought all might be lost,

My doggie splashed right in.

The enemy ship was tipped.

Hurray, hurrah! We win!


First Draft–Donna L Sadd, all rights reserved

1-6-2014- dog in tub

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