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Month of Poetry – WILD AT HEART – #Poem #MoP14

19 Jan

The Lantern is a Japanese 5-line form shaped like a lantern with a syllable pattern of 1-2-3-4-1. 




Boundless urge

No cage can hold


Month of Poetry – PLEASE COME – #Poem – #ASPCA

18 Jan
 1-18-2014- cold cat


Someone, can you hear me,

Cry inside this shed?

When they first took me home,

I had a fancy bed.


It was Christmas time and,

To the pet store people came.

They hugged and cuddled me,

I even got a name!


But the holidays snuffed out.

Then the kids began to pout,

“Who’s gonna feed him?”

“Who’s gonna let him out?”


“I’m too little.” “I’m in a rush.”

“Figure it out,” Dad said.

When no one even bothered,

I wound up in this shed.


Someone, please pick me up,

And find a family,

Who’ll take the time, make a pledge,

Of responsibility.


Sure, it seems like fun,

Finding a pet under the tree.

But, some don’t take good care.

Please, come and rescue me!

Image - Sey Suomen

Image – Sey Suomen

Why not start the year off right? Support the ASPCA or your local animal shelter today.

Donate Today

Month of Poetry – NIGHT – Lantern #Poem – #MoP14

17 Jan




In calm dark

Sleeps a dreamer



I had hoped this wouldn’t happen, but the ultra-intensive, dream picture book writing course that I’m taking in conjunction with this and another challenge is beginning to demand more and more of my attention and hard work. I’ve waited so long to be able to take it and I’m learning so much in such a compact amount of time, that I just can’t let it take a back seat.

Usually, dashing off a children’s poem helps me unwind at the end of a day or first thing in the morning, but today I’ve got nothing.

I want to stay committed to this challenge though, so I hope you won’t mind if I post my most popular poems of the past here and there. I just wanted to give a heads up that if a poem sounds familiar…it probably is!

Thanks for understanding! :0)



Month of Poetry – Counting Claude – Children’s Poem

16 Jan

1-16-2014- numbers



Claude counted numbers one by one,

Always having lots of fun.

He finished numbers, started over,

Counting blooms of fresh new clover.


When he tired of counting clover,

He ran to count on his dog Rover.

Attempting to total the spots on his face,

When Rover split to give fast chase.


The cat fled, scrambling cute ‘lil kittens,

Wearing soft and fluffy mittens.

The couch held twenty-four gloved paws,

Claude counted while detaching claws.


When dinner came, Claude counted peas.

He gulped them down in sets of threes.

He flopped in bed, dropped in a heap,

Of course, Claude started counting sheep.

1-16-2014-kid sheep

Don’t ask. This one has driven me crazy!

Month of Poetry – Fine Fit – #Haiku – #MoP14 – #ScriptingChange

15 Jan

DU- I’m halfway through the Month of Poetry, and I’ve neglected to mention Seeing Past Sickness, a #charity project of #ScriptingChange…until now!

Here’s my Haiku…

Fine Fit


Fine from the outside-

Ailment goes unnoticed here

Peg no longer square

Image- etc dot usf dot edu

Image- etc dot usf dot edu

This haiku was published late last year in Seeing Past Sickness, an anthology from the #Scripting Change Project.

“Seeing Past Sickness is the inaugural publication of Scripting Change, a community writing project that aims to make a positive social difference. All of the work required to bring together this anthology was volunteered, and 100% of Scripting Change’s proceeds* will be donated to our inaugural recipient: the MSTR Scholarship Foundation, which provides financial support for students pursuing an education, despite the difficulties and costs associated with chronic illness.”

It’s a new year, and I want to continue to help spread the word for a charitable cause. Won’t you help too?

By clicking on the first link above, you’ll be taken to Amazon, where the purchase price is $2.99. However, if you click on the second link, you can name a price yourself!

In either event, could you take a minute to share it? I’m sure the beneficiaries of this scholarship would be truly grateful.


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