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Children’s Story About a Dog- My Dachshund Dog Lucci

19 May Children's Story About a Dog

Children's Story About a Dog

Hi Gang!

My children’s story about a dog is about Lucci, my adopted dachshund. Many of you may already know that I wrote LUCCI- THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE for my nieces and nephew (2 of the 4 are pictured below-Coral and Sommer). What I haven’t yet talked about is my boy Lucci, the beautiful real dog that I was blessed enough to have in my life.

Handsome Cowboy and I were living in an apartment at the time with Dillon, the Basset Hound and Coco Bellini, a roly-poly Dachshund who we had adopted a year or so earlier.

Another tenant, who we’d usually wave to while walking the dogs, approached us one day. A woman she knew had told her that she had to relinquish two doxi dogs because she was moving to a place that didn’t allow pets, and asked her if she knew of anyone who might want to adopt them. She thought of us immediately and advised that the dogs were going to be brought to a shelter if not adopted that very same day. Nothing like a little pressure right?

Great, 4 dogs in an apartment (!!) was what we initially felt but then the thought of knowing those little guys would go to a shelter was more unnerving than a tight living space. We told the tenant that we would have to see if our dogs would socialize with the ‘new ones’ first and she arranged the meeting.

Thankfully, everyone got along fine and we brought Zeffrey and Zoe home. Who the heck is Zeffrey, you might ask. The past  owner had named the dogs with ‘Z’ names because she bought them in Zephyr Hills, Florida. Go figure. Little, tiny Zoe fit her name to a tee but Zeffrey just didn’t fit for me.

Now, I didn’t just go and change the little guy’s name on him; it happened quite naturally really. I’m half Italian and I’ve always told my hubby that Italian names and words sound like music. So, somewhere along the line I started calling Zeffrey ‘Zeffalucci,’ and eventually he became my Lucci. Handsome Cowboy still called him ‘Zeff,’ so I don’t think he was any worse of for wear.

I know a lot of dog lovers out there who comment that their gang follows them everywhere, even to the bathroom! Dillon and CoCo Bellini would charge right in, however; Zoe and Lucci would just ‘sit pretty’ at the threshold but would never enter. Eventually, they did barge in with the rest of the gang but it took a very long time.

It seemed that Lucci and Zoe were strictly trained, as there appeared to be fearfulness in their every movement at first. I try my best not to judge others’ training methods but,  because we have our four-footed family for such a short time, I choose not to put a lot of rules and orders in place for my dogs.  Sure, they all learn sit, heel and paw (‘don’t chew on that!’ and ‘don’t poop in the house!) and are certainly socialized but that’s about as far is it goes with me. Our animals rule our roost!

Whatever fear-training Zoe had diminished right away and she would follow us everywhere and run to us to give smoochies. She was so small as was her tongue that her specialty ‘nostril-lickies’ would tickle so much we’d sneeze!

However, Lucci literally (as it says in my CHILDREN’S STORY ABOUT A DOG- MY DACHSHUND DOG LUCCI) “would turn his nose to the left, then the right… and he would wrangle, and twist, and grumble when kissed.” We tried for months to get a smooch out of Lucci and eventually that wondrous day did come around when Lucci finally bestowed his sweet long-awaited smoochies.

The moral of the story, as reviewer Crystal Kelly understood it so eloquently, is “Lucci- The No Smoochie Poochie is just right for your young children who are learning the values of patience and understanding theconcept of love. Love is lived out in patience and LUCCI does a wonderful job of displaying and explaining this concept in a fun manner.

The images in LUCCI-The No Smoochie Poochie are very simple yet springs to life through the colors. I believe that the simple drawing style used here will encourage your children in creating like characters of their own.”

I thought you might appreciate learning some back story of the REAL Lucci and the other doggie characters in my funny, rhyming children’s book. If either you or your children have any questions about Lucci or the other pups in the book, please by all means ask away!

Lucci was one heck of a good dog and I miss him daily; yet he lives on in my children’s story about a dog-My Dachshund dog Lucci!

Welcome Friends!

26 Jan

It’s great that you’re here!

Since this is my debut blog post, please allow me introduce myself and tell you why I’m here. I’m Donna Louise Sadd author/writer/illustrator of the indie published Kindle eBook LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE. Lucci (pronounced Loochy) is about an adopted dachshund doggie who absolutely did not, ever, never give smoochies and a family’s far-ranging efforts to change Lucci into a licky, smoochie, loving machine.

I wrote the beginnings of this book several years ago when, one day while piddling around with my young nieces Coral and Sommer at one of our regular Wednesday Night Sleepover dates, we pondered why little Lucci never gave smoochies.

We grabbed drawing paper and I started rhyming out the story and drawing the first pages of illustrations…I know, at first blush, they’re primitive but little kids love ‘em regardless.

Those first few illustrated pages of the story went into a drawer soon after and sat for some time until I serendipitously came across them right before the holidays one year. I decided to finish the piece and give them as gifts. Since my hubby and I also had a young niece (Mackenzie) and nephew (Garrett) in New Jersey, I incorporated their characters into the story as well. I printed the story pages, had it bound and sent it off to my family ‘kid’characters.

My mother, Karen, recently passed away in September 2011 and I was lost. I seemed lost for months and began contemplating the purpose of my own life. After agonizing soul-searching and a surreal divine intervention, I pulled out LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE and decided to go to work and share this story.

I’m a self-proclaimed ‘wordsmith,’ and have been writing as far back as I can remember. I won poetry and writing awards all through school, became a copy writer for a New York advertising agency, and wrote every piece of promotional media for my small businesses as the years flew by, including a patent-pending product that I invented (Yarmulklips). Most recently, I developed the logo and stock written pieces for Free Cakes For Kids Killeen, TX, a local charity where I am a volunteer baker.

Family and friends had always told me to publish Lucci but I tabled those comments as ‘gracious’ and had never really given it more thought until I was at my own crossroad. In January of 2012, I independently published LUCCI on Amazon Kindle and now self-publish the same bound, card stock story with laminated front and back covers that I originally made for my family ‘kid’characters.

My mother somehow gave me the gift of realization. I know now that my path is that of an author, and LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE is only the first of many stories to come. I look forward to bringing smiles to the faces of little kids one story at a time!

On this blog I want to extend the smiling by providing interesting content to the folks who buy books for kids…moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, librarians – YOU.

If  it’s something that should make you smile or make your life a bit easier, you’ll be able to find tid bits of happiness, fun tips and easier ways to do things here. Please come back often, comments are craved, and thank you for asking your friends to join this blog as well!

Oh, it wouldn’t hurt if you bought the book but I won’t be nudging you about that.



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