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Month of Poetry – Finger Paint – #Kids #Poem #MoP14

4 Jan
Image- CraftyChild dot Com

Image- CraftyChild dot Com



I love to finger paint

Mix colors everywhere

Mess it up, mush it round

Drop paint plops here and there


I love to finger paint

Smear dye to make designs

Better than coloring            

No staying in the lines


I love to finger paint

It’s so much fun to do

A kid can have a ball

While getting dirty too


I love to finger paint

We paint a lot in school

But school is out today

At home it’s really cool


I love to finger paint

They hang them in the halls  

Today Mama scolded,

“You painted on the walls!”

— Donna L Sadd, all rights reserved

Image- Wallpaperforme dot com

Image- Wallpaperforme dot com

1-4-2014- finger paint homemade

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#AprilPrompts – Day 20 – Love – #NaPoWriMo

26 Apr

We're almost at an ending,
April's almost over.
I'm feeling kind of heart-sick,
I should be clover.

The month has been quite busy,
Creating posts each day.
My mind went round in circles,
As verses had their way.

I'd love a steady chance to,
Post poetry each day.
But if I did continue,
My hair would turn to grey.

Will do random postings of,
Poems from time to time.
Free verse and my fave haiku,
For kids, it will be rhyme.

Thanks for all your sweet, kind words,  
'Bout what I'd post that day.
Am grateful to all of you,
For bolstering my way.

This challenge is soon ending.
My schedule's almost clear.
Wouldn't miss the chance to say,
LOVE sharing with you here!

[If you showed for poetry,
Thank you, I am grateful.
Wait till NaPoWriMo comes.
See you all next April!]

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#AprilPrompts – Day 17 – Searching – #NaPoWriMo #Children’s #Poem

23 Apr


Every time I'm on the mound
My heart does a flutter.
Tuning out the crowd's loud sound.
My stomach's churning butter.

Focusing, I look around,
The players are all set.
Catcher's flashing signals out,
Don't like his choices yet.

One finger stands for fast balls.
Two fingers stand for curves.
Batter sneers, to fake me out.
I've got to steel my nerves.

Each ball hurled becomes a strike.
Their dugout starts to hiss.
Scoreboard charts each perfect pitch.
I sure do live for this!

Last batter's set and ready.
It's a swing and a miss.
Got that player out of there.
Pitchers dream of doing this!

I owned it, I pulled it off.
It was a perfect day.
I will always hit the mound,
In search of Special 'K'!

This post’s photo credits – http://www.thecompletepitcher.com

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#AprilPrompts – Day 16 – Hospital – #NaPoWriMo

22 Apr

Warning – This is a gross poem!


I'm not going to that place,
You cannot make me go.
There's really nothing to it.
I only scraped my toe.

You certainly are going.
Get in the car right now.
If you don't get looked at,
Your dad will have a cow!

Hospital, Smospital,
There's no way I will go.
That place always scares me.
The nail just cut my toe.

Oh no, you must be kidding!
It was a nail you say?
I must call the hospital,
To say we're on our way!

You're acting crazy Mamma,
Please don't make a fuss.
It doesn't even hurt me.
There isn't too much pus.

I think I just might faint!
Ooh, I'm feeling sick!
Wrap a towel around your foot.
Get in the car, be quick. Okay, okay, I'm going! My foot's begun to twitch. You know, I think you're right Mom. I just might need a stitch.
photo- aboutkidshealth.com

photo- aboutkidshealth.com


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#AprilPrompts – Day 15 – Stolen – #NaPoWriMo #Children’s #Poem

19 Apr


Okay, someone took it
I swear it was right there
Who would think to steal it
Boy, this is so unfair
It was on the table
Right next to my book
It must have been stolen
I've looked and looked and looked
Who would be so sneaky
To slink off with my stuff
That sly thief better hide
Cause I can be real tough
Who would pinch a pencil
From underneath my nose
Nothing in my pockets
I've searched through all my clothes
Uh oh, I just found it
Looked everywhere but there
Pencil was not stolen
I stuck it in my hair

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