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Penny Watson- Follow Another Doxi Devotee Who Loves Books, Martinis, Beards and Lumberjacks!

21 Mar

Hi Gang!

Fellow doggie lovers unite! If you don’t yet follow fellow Doxi/Weenie owner Penny Watson’s blog “Penelope’s Romance Reviews,” it’s time you do, and once there you’ll see the many reasons why you clicked.

Penny was kind enough to feature a review of LUCCI THE NO POOCHIE SMOOCHIE on her blog yesterday and I spent the morning bopping around her blog getting to know her. Now this is a creative nut that I wished lived right down the block so we could martini-klotch and let Lucy and Luca hang out together!

I write kids’ books so I’ve got to behave here but you guys don’t. I totally love Penny’s blog; it’s a place to relax, find good (HOT) romance books to read, get drink recipes and…I can’t believe it but love it…watch 1980s dance videos too! (Only a ‘youngster’ would be *wincing* right about now.)

Penny likes lumberjacks; I myself love pirates argh…both specimens being the epitome of masculinity and strength. The Klaus Boys to look too shabby either!

Please check out Penny Watson’s books, SWEET INSPIRATION and SWEET MAGIK,  which make up her Klaus Brothers Series about Santa Claus and his 5 hunky sons. I put them on my Goodreads list, downloaded them both and cannot wait to read them…just wish it weren’t March for Pete’s sake! Well, I’ll just read them again around holiday time too!

I’m eternally grateful that Penny went out of her way to help this new author. She posted a review on her blog and on Goodreads and  Tweeted away all day long about LUCCI and how to get the book. I even posted new sales because of it!

Fellow writer/bloggers when someone helps you, don’t forget to RECIPROCATE and do your best to help them too!

Thanks much Penny!

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