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#BlogFlash2013- Day 15- Friendship- Haiku

21 Mar

I was in the valley thinking about today’s prompt Friendship, when I spotted honeybees going from flower to flower for nectar. This poem is about the symbiotic relationship between the two – a friendship of sorts.


Photo Credit- www.a-gc.com

Photo credit http://www.a-gc.com

Bees land blooms provide
Flits delivering magic-
 New plants far and wide

#BlogFlash2013- Day 14- Home

20 Mar


Photo- D L Sadd

Photo- D L Sadd

My mother’s nickname was ‘Gypsy’. Divorced with 3 kids in tow, she bought homes, updated them, and sold them at a profit to help support us. She did a good job.

We all helped, and I’m thankful to say that I’m capable of doing any home improvement project. The downside was that we learned to keep a lot packed because we wouldn’t be settling in. That was unsettling. I don’t know whether I can think of any house as a home because I’m always afraid of getting the rug pulled from under me, literally.

‘Home‘ can mean different thing to different people. My home is in my husband’s arms, being buried under a pile of smooching pups, seeing my goats run to me each morning, and in noting that all sorts of critters seek refuge wherever I live.

Photo- D L Sadd

Photo- D L Sadd


Everything's coming' up Tulips & Hyacinths!

Everything’s coming’ up tulips & hyacinths!

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#BlogFlash2013- Day 13- Darkness- Haiku

19 Mar


Enveloping veil

Dispenses strange eeriness

Warm light will erase


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#BlogFlash2013- Day 12- Music

18 Mar



Last week, Terri Giuliano Long posed a question: Would you travel through time if you knew it would be impossible to go back? I realized that we already have a time machine that allows for travel without the dire consequences – MUSIC.

In hearing certain melodies, music quickly transports us to places and times in our lives. Being pushed in a swing by your dad, first love, heart breaks, fun times…close your eyes; think of a song, and you will be transported.

As writers, music can inspire us and lead us into the future with new ideas for stories to be written.

Unlike scary, Sci-Fi weirdness, this time machine doesn’t leave us where we land. When the music ends, we’re right back in the present!

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#BlogFlash2013 – Day 11 – Running

15 Mar


3-15-2013- BLOGFLASH2013- RUNNING


My days are hectic right from the get-go, running to get a jump on the day. I wake hours before the sun, so that I don’t fall behind with social media. I’ve got a lot of animals to feed and barnyard chores to do. Then I run to get the household in order before sitting down to write.  Often it seems like my imagination gets zapped with all this running, and this is just the first part of the day!

When I begin to feel overwhelmed, I think one thought: How do writers who are also working mothers do it? Then I stop whining and start running again.

3-15-2013- BLOGFLASH2013-DAY 11-RUNNING-workingmother

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