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#AprilPrompts – Day 13 – THRONE – #Children’s #Poem

17 Apr


Dahlia's dad would spend his days
Ruling upon his throne
Surrounded by his subjects
Was rarely found alone

The princess merely wanted
To spend time with her dad
When she tried to talk to him
His staff would get quite mad

They wouldn't let King know when
She walked into the hall
They all tried to block his view
All Dahlia did was bawl

Nurse saw Dahlia heartbroken
And asked for the king's ear
King would grant Nurse anything
For King she did so rear

Princess Dahlia loves you Sire
Spend time with her each day
Keep your daughter by your side
She'll be content that way

King took Nurse's words to heart
Dahlia will one day rule
I'll have her sit here with me
To learn, just like in school

Her chair was set next to King's
Two thrones placed in a row
In between royal decrees
They played fun tic-tac-toe

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