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DAD’S FIRST CLASS CHRISTMAS – Entry in Susanna L. Hill’s 4th Annual Holiday Contest

12 Dec


Image- iphone wallpapers

Image- iphone wallpapers

The Contest:  Write a children’s story (children here defined as approximately age 12 and under) in which wild weather impacts the holidays!  Your story may be poetry or prose, silly or serious or sweet, religious or not, based on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate, but is not to exceed 350 words.


Here’s my holiday entry:

12-12-2014-driving in blizzard- john clapp



It was Christmas Eve and we were taking our first ever family vacation. Disney, here we come!

Figures. The Blizzard of the Century blew in that morning.

Dad made sure we left for the airport hours early, but now the dashboard clock ticked down the minutes till our six o’clock flight. The highway was a sheet of ice. We eyed the airport from a distance, and could have walked faster than the cars crawled.

12-12-2014-Blizzard December 26 2010 11


Mazie kept repeating, “Please let us make it, Lord. Please let us make it.” Each hot whisper whirled wild crystallized patterns on her window.

“Will we make it?” Mom asked.

Fisher snoozed in his car seat. That was good because Dad was nervous navigating through a gazillion snow flakes. But he still managed to sing carols the loudest.

We finally pulled in at 6:44. Wet, white freezingness smacked our droopy faces and whipped our suitcases. “Cheer up,” Dad hollered over the storm, “I’ll bet it’s just delayed.”

Our plane was gone. But there was Dad, in his ‘lucky’ (old and ugly) Santa hat, ho, ho, ho’ing from the long ticket line. Leave it to him to be jolly when our vacation was slipping away.

Dad high-fived me, hugged Mazie, and said, “Great news! We’re on Standby for the last flight tonight!” They’ll have five empty seats on Christmas Eve…sure.

Fisher cried himself blue, Mazie kept praying, and Dad and I were thumb-wrestling when they finally called our name, “Four tickets.”

“We need five!” Mazie, Mom, and I cried.

Dad pushed us to board. “Till tomorrow… Merry Christmas. I love you.”

On the plane, Mazie, and I joined Fisher in crying ourselves colors. Disney without Dad?

Just as the engines revved, Dad strutted down the isle.  He made it! But then he kissed us, and said, “I’ve gotta go.”

“NO!” my sister and I cried.

“They let you board. You can’t leave now!” sobbed Mom.

Dad turned with a devilish grin and said, “Got lucky. I’m flyin’ first-class!” Then a curtain swished behind him.

Merry Christmas, Dad. You deserve it.


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Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie Contest – Entry: A Warlock’s Brew

27 Oct
Image- koolmuzone

Image- koolmuzone

Hiya & Happy Halloween!

It’s time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 4th Annual Halloweensie Contest– YAY! This is my second year entering and it’s so much fun! I’m happy to let y’all know that I’m alive and well…it’s been so long since I’ve posted any written pieces, that I’m a wee bit chicken.

If you haven’t visited to read the contest entries written for children, I urge you to do it with your family. They will entertain you for hours!

Entries can be funny, scary or anything in between, poetry or prose, but they must have 100 words or less, AND contain the words: broomstick, creak and pumpkin.

Me, I’m going with a poem again. I hope you enjoy it. :0)




The attic creaked, as the young warlock sneaked,

to snatch up a broomstick, while baby bats squeaked. 

His mission? To whip up a strong magic brew. 

He added a pumpkin, a kitten’s mew too.


Stirring the potion, he conjured the spell, 

letting loose in the night his most frightening yell, 

“Break this feuding witches’ curse.

They fight all the time. I don’t know which witch is worse. 


Last time, they vanished. No witch was found. 

Tonight’s All Hallow’s Eve, and I want them around! 

Sure, they’re both ruthless, rotten, and bad. 

But they’re the best grandmas this boy’s ever had!”

10-27-2014-2 witches fighting


Month of Poetry – Emptiness – #Haiku – #MoP14

24 Jan

Fellow author, Munazza Bangash commented on the blog yesterday with a link to a weekly Article and Poetry Contest she is running on her blog, Desirable Purity.

The prompt for the poetry contest is – Emptiness. Here’s my entry…

Image- Latino Link Views

Image- Latino Link Views

Sands pour − vacant hopes

Measuring meaningless times

Of a soul drained dry

Image- Shelleyn

Image- Shelleyn

This sounds like something I might have written as an angst-ridden teenager, and was very tough to do when I’m so far from feeling what I’ve written above…Thank Goodness. ;0)

Month of Poetry – Hesitant Migration – #Haiku – #MoP14

23 Jan
Image- Bubblews

Image- Bubblews

Hesitant Migration 

Went south for winter

Flourished in balmy climates —

Time to turn around



Balmy climates…I bet we’ve all got warmth on our minds right about now!

Month of Poetry – PLEASE COME – #Poem – #ASPCA

18 Jan
 1-18-2014- cold cat


Someone, can you hear me,

Cry inside this shed?

When they first took me home,

I had a fancy bed.


It was Christmas time and,

To the pet store people came.

They hugged and cuddled me,

I even got a name!


But the holidays snuffed out.

Then the kids began to pout,

“Who’s gonna feed him?”

“Who’s gonna let him out?”


“I’m too little.” “I’m in a rush.”

“Figure it out,” Dad said.

When no one even bothered,

I wound up in this shed.


Someone, please pick me up,

And find a family,

Who’ll take the time, make a pledge,

Of responsibility.


Sure, it seems like fun,

Finding a pet under the tree.

But, some don’t take good care.

Please, come and rescue me!

Image - Sey Suomen

Image – Sey Suomen

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