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Prompt #3 – 100 Days of Summer Writing Challenge

29 May


I didn’t post yesterday because it regarded a work in progress, but I wanted to include it here for continuity…Nah, I just didn’t want y’all to think that I blew it off. :0)

[Prompt #2:     Think about a character (not the protagonist) central to the plot of your story.  Write a scene from his/her perspective.  How does the scene change?  How does the tone change?  Does this perspective shift allow you to explore the conflict from a surprising or more powerful perspective?]

Okay, off to Prompt #3…

Image - vmphotography.blogspot. com

Image – vmphotography.blogspot.

Prompt #3: Write about a moment in your past that lives in infamy for you.

This isn’t terribly embarrassing now, but it was the day it happened that will make the experience live in infamy– My wedding day!

When my just-about-to-be-husband and I were up at the altar, and our pastor got to the exchanging of rings, I insisted on putting the wedding ring on my husband’s right hand.

At my first attempt, my husband smiled and subtlety extended his left hand, but I grabbed for his right. Then he tried it again, but I was so fixated that it should go on the other hand that I shook my head, pushed his left hand away and again, reached for his right.

Finally, he grabbed my ring-holding hand, literally pointed the ring to his left-hand ring finger and slid it on himself. Needless, to say, this faux pas had the guests rolling in the isles. Later at the reception, they all joked that we had our first argument of married life at the altar!

That darn experience not only lives in infamy in my mind, they got it on video!

Take the challenge yourself over at Shannon Abercrombie’s blog.

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