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Before writing for children and creating an author’s social media platform to promote my picture book Lucci- The No Smoochie Poochie, I developed strong wordsmith and marketing skills beginning with a valuable stint in a NY advertising agency, where I progressed from a receptionist to head copywriter and then assistant to the president. Ever since, I have created scads of winning advertising campaigns and produced the gamut of marketing materials necessary to reach successful outcomes for mine and the businesses of others.

Hire me to supplement your blog content or ghostwrite your blog in its entirety. I have experience in writing DIYhow-to’srecipes, grants, books, videos, and intermittent one-off projects that wouldn’t necessitate hiring an employee.

If you’re an up-and-coming author, I have the skill and an established network of supportive authors, bloggers, and reviewers eager to help sound the word and promote your work!

If you’re serious about being a traditionally published author, you already have learned that establishing an author’s social media platform is the critical component in your securing agent representation. I have already laid the groundwork to accelerate your social media presence and get your social media platform up and running and flourishing in no time. My visitors/followers hover at over 30,000.

In addition, as a past, present and future solopreneur, I can help you build a successful money-making blog, brand or product.– work with me.

If you like what you see in my examples here and on Pinterest, please hire me to satisfy your writing and marketing needs. thumbs up smiley

Together we’ll make it happen! 

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